Christmas with my cat Sookie

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Christmas with my cat Sookie Petplan Insurance

A bit of a scare

Today I’m partnering with Petplan Insurance to tell you all about how I spend Christmas with my cat Sookie, and how you can win a festive treat for your pet too.

I’ve been insured with Petplan ever since Mr Darcy and Sookie were kittens. For over 8 years our only interaction was a yearly renewal letter and a monthly direct debit, but when Mr Darcy was diagnosed with renal failure and the vet bills started to pile up, my Pet Insurance had it all covered. Petplan took care of everything with no fuss and showed true compassion whenever we spoke.

Then a few weeks ago my cat Sookie fell ill. I took her straight to the vets and faced an anxious wait for the results of her blood tests. Thankfully they all came back clear and since then she’s bounced back to her normal cheeky self.

For her it’s as if nothing ever happened. I, on the other hand, am still a little shaken up. I’m so grateful to be able to spend another Christmas with my cuddle buddy.

Celebrating Christmas with PetPlan

This year Petplan are helping us all to celebrate Christmas with our beloved pets by giving away daily prizes suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits until the 24th December.

Christmas with my cat Sookie Petplan Insurance

All you have to do is visit their website and open the door of their Pet Advent Calendar. You could win anything from a pet stocking, to Pawsecco, and even a dog friendly stay at a cottage, so it’s worth entering every day.

Christmas with my cat Sookie

Christmas with my cat Sookie Petplan Insurance

For Sookie’s first Christmas I bought way too many presents and neatly piled them all under the tree. I imagined her sniffing eagerly at the wrapped boxes, helping me to untie the bows and then pouncing eagerly on whatever treat lay inside.

However, any cat owner will know that this isn’t the reality of owning a cat! Here’s Sookie’s version of the perfect Christmas:

  • No present wrapping can occur without each rolled out sheet of paper being thoroughly trampled on first.
  • All ribbons, bows and string are fair game.
  • Presents left under the tree are there to be chewed.
  • On Christmas Day, it’s best to hide if anyone calls your name.
  • All presents must be treated with disdain.
  • Empty boxes must be explored and claimed.

Whilst knowing full well that cats don’t really ‘get’ that it’s Christmas and that they don’t really have any appreciation for presents, I still always wrap up a little something for Sookie every year. The trick is that now I know what will always be a hit and won’t cost the earth!

Sookie’s favourite Christmas presents

Christmas with my cat Sookie Petplan Insurance

Gone are the days when I buy Sookie expensive toys. With cats, I find that the cheaper and simpler the toy is, the better! Every year I buy Sookie a new dangle toy. She goes into full hunter mode, hiding, stalking and shaking her floofy bottom as she prepares to pounce!

Christmas with my cat Sookie Petplan Insurance

The best value for money gift that I’ve ever bought Sookie is her cat tunnel. She loves to dart through it at top speed or hide in it. Sometimes she even rolls it across the room! It wasn’t expensive and it collapses down for easy storage.

Sookie also adores a high quality catnip filled toy, especially when it’s brand new. Her favourites are the Yeoww! Catnip Cigar or the 100% Catnip Plus Ball Cat Toy (which looks like a big spider), both found at Pets At Home. Each of these send her into a hilarious frenzy of bunny kicks and dribble.

As for me, I can’t wait for the holidays so that I can spend some time watching festive movies with Sookie snuggled up beside me. After the scare a few weeks ago, that’s all I want for Christmas.

Christmas with my cat Sookie Petplan Insurance

This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own.


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