It was another one of those nights where I promised myself that I’d go to bed early and catch up on some sleep. As I reached to turn out the light I noticed my phone flashing and decided to check the notifications quickly… …some time later after watching umpteen (vaguely) funny cat videos, I looked at the time; it was 11.47pm and I was wide awake. Bugger. In fact 36% of the British population are sleep deprived in one way or another and for a good many of us it’s almost entirely self inflicted. We over stimulate our brains with… View Post

Last Thursday I found myself running through my local shopping centre Queensgate with my friend Emily, clutching my camera in one hand and a notepad in the other as we frantically checked our watches. Why? Well we were taking part in a fun Winter Wishlist challenge and we were a little behind schedule! It started out calmly enough with a cup of coffee and a catch up with my fellow QBloggers in Pret A Manger. The Queensgate team gave us the latest news from the shopping centre including confirmation that the hotly anticipated arrival of a MAC makeup store could… View Post

October has so far been cold, dark and wet and consequently my outdoor exercise regime has taken a bit of a slump. Due to my sweet tooth I don’t like the idea of depriving myself of sweet treats completely so I decided to take part in a fun Canderel Taste Test baking challenge to explore ways to reduce my calorie laden sugar intake. Canderel kindly supplied me with the recipes and ingredients to make two cheesecakes and two sets of cupcakes. The only difference between the two was that in one batch I replaced the sugar with Canderel’s granulated sweetener… View Post

Penhaligon’s (the luxury perfume house with boutiques in some of London’s most coveted locations) recently invited me down to London for the launch of their new Portraits collection of fragrances. I could not have been more excited to attend! After coffee and some dreamy window shopping on Bond Street I arrived at the very grand Burlington Arcade, the home to one of Penhaligon’s beautiful stores as well as a LadurĂ©e Bakery (I had to resist buying a box of macarons on the spot!). After a brief round of introductions we began with a walking tour of London’s little known gems… View Post

Hey my lovelies, how are you all? It’s been ages since we had a catch up and I shared a little bit of life lately. So let’s do it – you make the coffee, I’ll slice the cake! Being a Girlboss (most of the time) On an average week I work a full time job (doing my best to Girlboss it) then in the evenings and on weekends I produce 3 blog posts a week. I also travel around the country for blog events or to catch up with friends. Most of the time this non stop hectic lifestyle is… View Post