I always have a kind of inner struggle as to whether to write posts on my favourite purchases or brand discoveries, simply because I don’t want to constantly encourage you all to spend money! However, I’d be lying if I said that I don’t get excited by new shiny pretty things and the simple pleasures that they can bring, so here are a few of the different products this month that I really got to know and love. …because if you ARE going to spend money, let me help you make sure it’s on something that will make you feel… View Post

Masterchef Australia seems to have an obsession with making showstopping desserts which I know because I have an obsession with watching Masterchef Australia! There’s one in particular which has a super impressive wow factor yet is actually quite easy to make when you break it down: Chocolate Bombs. The basic concept of a chocolate bomb dessert is simple:  it’s a chocolate sphere that you either break open with a spoon or, even more impressively, pour a hot sauce over, watching the chocolate slowly melt away to reveal a hidden surprise inside. This can be whatever you want to fill it… View Post

Last month I was thrilled to receive an invitation from M∙A∙C to visit their newly opened Peterborough store in Queensgate Shopping Centre and experience their 60 minute Full Makeup Application service. I mean, what better way to experiment with a new look and learn some new techniques than to place yourself in the hands of an expert M∙A∙C artist? It ended up being an incredibly fun and inspirational experience which I have to thank the incredible M∙A∙C artist Kelly for. We sat down at one of the makeup stations to discuss my current makeup routine, skin type and what I wanted to… View Post

I’ve always been blessed with naturally shiny, healthy hair but last summer I managed to almost completely ruin it! I’m still not sure whether it was using straighteners without enough heat protection or a new experimental Balyage technique that I got talked into at a salon but something left it as dry as straw, frizzy and breaking off in some sections. Since then I’ve tried a lot of different products in my quest to return my hair to it’s former glory without having to resort to a drastic chop so I thought I’d share my favourite picks for healthy hair.… View Post

This weekend I spent a lovely relaxed weekend in London with my friend Oliver exploring the city and discovering hidden gems that I couldn’t wait to share with you! (Spoiler alert: Most of my recommendations are food related as per usual!) We stayed at the Citizen M Hotel in Shoreditch (nearest tube Old Street) which was a really fun base for our travels. Because it’s in the financial district most things shut down at the weekend so it’s a peaceful place to escape to after a busy day. However Kings Cross is only 2 stops away so you can be… View Post