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What a year. Writing down everything for this post has made me realise just how much I was dealing with all at once. I guess that’s how life works though isn’t it? You don’t always neccessarily cope all that well, but you just have to ‘keep on keeping on’ until it gets better. And it has! Now here I am in a much more positive place, moving on and excited for the future.

Grab a cuppa and let me catch you up on everything.

I Decided to Move

Moving on life lately home sweet home card

I’ve always adored my village home but my life has changed dramatically over the past few years. I have gradually become more deeply connected to Peterborough and the travelling back and forth eventually took its toll, leaving me feeling cut off and isolated.

At the beginning of this year I bit the bullet and put my house on the market. As it was entirely self funded every bit of my time, energy and money went into making it happen. Life as I knew it went on hold.

It’s one thing to make the momentous decision to sell your house and quite another to realise that you have very little control over when it actually happens. I ended up spending months in limbo, unable to make any future plans, feeling lost and frustrated. Finally in August I received an offer which meant that I could start the search for my new home. I settled on a new build and thankfully my offer was quickly accepted.

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for how stressful the next three months were though! Endless paperwork, phone calls, bills and complications had to be managed around my day job. I spent every day feeling restless and on edge, petrified that it would all fall through. I dared not allow myself to get excited or look to the future in case it didn’t happen.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

At the end of October I was exhausted and didn’t know how much longer I could cope with all the upheaval and uncertainty. However just like that, everything fell neatly into place. A week later I said one last goodbye to Sunrise Cottage, my home of the last 11 years and the keeper of many precious memories, and opened the door on a new chapter.

Moving on life lately holding keys

Now two weeks later here I am in my new office, writing this first blog post of what is hopefully many to come.

My gosh it feels good.

I had to say goodbye to Mr Darcy

Moving on life lately Mr Darcy

I’m going to write this next bit quickly because it still hurts to think about it too much. However it doesn’t feel right not to tell you about Mr Darcy, my beautiful big bear-cat.

Darcy was diagnosed with kidney disease last December and after a brave battle passed away in August. It was heartbreaking watching him deteriorate from a healthy, mischeivous cat to a shadow of his former self. We both did our best, travelling to the vets every week for check ups and medication. For a time I hoped that we’d got it under control, but that wasn’t how it worked out. I’m not sure I will ever accept the unfairness of it all.

Grief is a funny thing. The passing of time helps but I still have days where a sudden thought or memory of Darcy hits me and all the feelings come flooding in. I got incredibly emotional on move day knowing that I was also leaving behind the home that I’d shared with him.

To some a cat is just a cat, but Mr Darcy was my family. I’m moving on but I still miss him so much.

Moving on: The Millennial Matters Podcast

Moving On Life Lately The Millennial Matters Podcast

Whilst this was going on, Kat decided it was time to end The Prosecco Sessions Podcast in its current format. I felt quite bereft when it finished and Pippa missed podcasting too so we decided to make our own. We took everything that we’d learned from our first experience to create something new: The Millennial Matters Podcast.

Each week we tackle a new topic that’s got us talking. Everything from food and fashion, through to relationships and money, we take a look at millennial life from all angles.

We spent a lot of time planning the podcast before launch to make sure that it was just right. We’ve almost wrapped recording Season 1 and Season 2 is shaping up nicely too. It felt great moving on after the initial disappointment of our first podcast ending and we love making it. In fact we do a happy little dance every time someone lets us know that they are listening!

I’m so grateful to everyone that has supported it so far. If you’re already a subscriber thank you so much!

How to subscribe to The Millennial Matters Podcast

If you haven’t discovered us yet, please do give us a try as we think you will love it! You can find all of our episodes here:


Moving On – What’s Next?

So that’s what’s happened this year. Whilst I don’t like wishing my life away, I’m glad the last 10 months are behind me. Moving was a drawn out and painful process but I’m proud of myself for doing it and feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now.

If you’re reading, thank you Oliver, Mum, Dad, Rebecca, Pippa and all my other wonderful friends for being there when I needed you and telling me it was all going to be alright x

I wrote a post back in July about how I was struggling to find the right direction for this blog. (Read it here.) Whilst I’ve been away I’ve thought long and hard about it. I even considered just closing down the blog for a nanosecond, but ONLY for a nanosecond!

There will be no huge relaunch and hopefully you won’t notice too much of a difference really! I just feel much clearer about it all now thank goodness.

So here here’s to moving on. I do hope you come along for the ride!



5 small changes to help you get a better night's sleep

As well as running this blog I also co host a podcast called The Prosecco Sessions which explores some of the common issues and dilemnas that we face as we navigate through modern life. We’ve found ourselves talking about sleep several times on the show as a factor effecting everything from our health to our productivity and even our relationships.

I feel grumpy and sluggish when I don’t get enough sleep which makes me much less productive and I’m also much more likely to respond to things negatively. It’s a vicious circle because I then worry that I’m not sleeping enough, which keeps me up at night!

A recent sleep study conducted by Nytol revealed that this is a common problem. 50% of adults admitted that they weren’t getting enough sleep with people suffering from a bad night’s rest three times a week on average. 38% of people confessed to lying awake at night fretting about their worries, something I can definitely identify with.

How to get a good nights sleep with Nytol

Nytol* kindly sent me a sleep pack containing some useful sleep aids as well as advice on how to break the cycle of poor sleep and re-establish a good routine. For the past two months I’ve been slowly changing my nightly habits and I’m pleased to report that it’s been having a positive effect. I’m going to sleep up to an hour earlier each night, my sleep is less restless and in the main I wake up feeling more refreshed and energised as a result.

Here are 5 small changes that have helped me get a better night’s sleep:

1. Make preparations before bedtime

How to get a good nights sleep with Nytol 6

‘Old me’ often procrastinated at bedtime because I knew that once I’d done everything to get ready for bed I was likely to feel wide awake again. Thus it seemed far easier to continue lying on the sofa!

I now get into my pyjamas at least an hour before I plan to go to sleep and brush my teeth and take off my makeup at the same time. It means that when I am feeling drowsy enough to enter the land of nod I know that all I’ve got to do is have a quick loo break and then turn out the light, which helps to keep me relaxed and stops my mind wandering too much.

2. Swop your blue light devices for a book an hour before sleep

How to get a good nights sleep with Nytol 6

A good proportion of my evenings over the past few years has been spent browsing through social media or saying yes to one more episode of a box set on Netflix.

The problem is that although these are enjoyable pastimes that we might consider relaxing, the constant barrage of information can have a counterproductive effect and instead encourages your brain to remain alert. Did you know that your devices emit something called blue light? This is different to normal daylight and research has found that it suppresses the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is what the body uses to signal that it is time for rest. It’s little wonder that when I spend an hour scrolling through Instagram and Twitter late at night that I don’t feel much like sleep afterwards.

I’ve made a pledge to make the last hour before lights out a device free zone. Instead I’ve gone back to a pastime I used to really enjoy: reading in bed.

How to get a good nights sleep with Nytol

I used to love the escapism of a good yarn but in recent years I have complained that I don’t have enough hours in the day to read a book. It turns out that all I needed to do was MAKE time by reading instead of spending hours on my phone mindlessly scrolling through social media. Although I give myself an hour, I often find that after 20 or 30 minutes of reading I’m already relaxed enough to turn off the light and begin my descent into dreamland.

3. Swopping my phone for an alarm clock

How to get a good nights sleep with Nytol

Another solution that I’ve found to help to avoid over exposure to blue light late at night is to get a proper alarm clock. Now when I get into bed I turn my phone face down so that I can’t see any notifications flash up and do my best to ignore it until morning. (Admittedly I’m more successful at this some nights than others – but I’m definitely getting better!)

It’s such a simple change but placing a ban on checking my phone late at night has cut down on distractions and stopped me from getting into an endless cycle of scrolling.

4. Regulating my temperature

If it’s too cold I can’t relax, if it’s too warm I’m equally restless.

If I’m feeling chilly I have a microwaveable friend who gives me a warming hug – meet Hooty!

How to get a good nights sleep with Nytol

For warmer nights the experts suggest taking a 5 minute hot shower or having a soak in the tub. This might sound like the last thing to help, but heating the periphery of our body actually helps to cool it down. I also take a nice icy cold glass of water to bed with me to sip on as I’m reading. This helps cool me down and ensures that I don’t get dehydrated when it’s especially muggy.

5. Nytol Remedies

I wouldn’t recommend any kind of reliance on sleeping aids, but sometimes your body needs an extra helping hand to get it into a better routine to start with. On rare occassions when I have a lot on my mind and a few days of using my usual methods listed above haven’t helped, I will take a herbal remedy.

How to get a good nights sleep with Nytol

The one I tend to use now is Nytol Herbal Simply Sleep One-A-Night tablets. It uses the natural ingredient valerian which helps to induce sleep and promotes calmness. You simply take it with water 30 minutes before bed time. I find that it can help me fall into a deep sleep and help me catch up, which then helps to kickstart my body into a better sleep cycle.

How to get a good nights sleep with Nytol

Nytol also sent me some of their anti-snoring sleep remedy. Luckily I haven’t had cause to use it but having previously lived with a prolific snorer I know how disruptive it can be and wish I’d had a bottle of this to try out at the time!


*Disclaimer: Nytol kindly sent me a complimentary sleep pack to help me improve my night’s sleep and a guide containing lots of hints and tips which you can read in full here. This post is my personal view of what worked for me, as well as some of my own tips thrown in for good measure! All thoughts and opinions are my own.


November December Life Lately Catch Up (5)

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that the leaves were starting to change colour for Autumn and I distinctly remember making a resolution to get all my Christmas presents sorted out early for once. Suddenly however the Coca Cola truck is back on the TV, everyone’s posting pictures of their tree and there’s even been some snow. I’ve managed to buy one present so far and Christmas is in less than two weeks… here we go again!

It’s been a busy few months though so it’s hardly surprising that Christmas has crept up on me. Here’s a few of the things happening in my life lately:

Meet The Chef

November December Life Lately Catch Up (10)

Last month I attended a ‘meet the chef’ event organised by Gravitas Magazine in partnership with The Chubby Castor, a new restaurant opening next year which has already got foodies in the Cambridgeshire/Lincolnshire area excited! Adebola Adeshina is the man behind it all, a talented and experienced chef from London who is looking to bring the capital city’s dining experience to our countryside doorstep.

November December Life Lately Catch Up (10) November December Life Lately Catch Up (10) November December Life Lately Catch Up (10)

The main event was a cooking demonstration from Ade who told us all about the new restaurant as he set to work producing beautifully fresh platefuls for us to enjoy. He’s passionate about using freshly sourced produce and if the standard of food at The Chubby Castor is in keeping with what he served up on the taster night then we’re in for a real treat!

A Surprise Meal

A few weeks later I offered to treat Oliver to a nice meal somewhere and he told me to surprise him with where I picked! I didn’t want to disappoint so set about looking for somewhere a bit special but affordable and came across The Wicked Witch at Ryhall which had glowing reviews.

November December Life Lately Catch Up

Oliver seemed really excited by the surprise and so on the day I started to get anxious as we followed the sat nav further and further off the beaten track, wondering whether it would be worth the journey or a bit of a let down! To my relief Ryhall turned out to be an idyllic village full of thatched roof cottages – the kind of place perfect for a relaxed country drive or stroll.

November December Life Lately Catch Up

The Wicked Witch did not disappoint either. It was cosy and welcoming with a lunch for less 3 course fine dining menu for less than £20 each. I was one happy little bunny when Oliver said that he said he loved the place and that it was the perfect choice. Maybe I should surprise him more often… then again the pressure to get it right a second time puts me right off that idea!

The Best Find At Dunelm

My mum and I love a good shopping trip for home bits and bobs so we took a drive to my local Dunelm. I was on the lookout for a new throw and after falling in love with their teddy ones (super soft and snuggly) we found something even better, their checked reversible sherpa fleece throw. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the softest, warmest, snuggliest throw I’ve ever found and a complete and utter bargain at £15.

November December Life Lately Catch Up

Adorably the cats have also decided that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Sookie has actually taken to burrowing in beside me at night when I’m wrapped up in it on the sofa and if I leave the room I return to find that it’s been claimed!

The Top That Wins Christmas!

Jolly Christmas Jumper* (who specialise in quirky organic sweatshirts, hoodies and tshirts) kindly offered to send me one of their pun-tastic festive tops. They have designs such as ‘Rain Deer’ and ‘Cycling Home For Christmas’ but as soon as I laid eyes upon ‘Dragon Sleigher’ I knew it was the one for me!

https:November December Life Lately Catch Up

Game Of Thrones plus Santa? It’s a no brainer!

November December Life Lately Catch Up

I am now happy in the knowledge that I have appropriate festive attire for the office Christmas Jumper Day, although I’m still expecting to lose the best dressed title to someone wearing fairy lights and tinsel (it happens every year!).

Sunset Strolls

November December Life Lately Catch Up

I caught the most beautiful sunset the other day and it was just so peaceful. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from a life online every now and again to look up and appreciate the real world in all it’s natural beauty, it’s wonderfully calming.


*Disclaimer: The Tshirt featured in this Life Lately post was kindly gifted to me. As always I’ve chosen to feature it because I love it and all thoughts are unbiased and my own!


Veganuary preparing for the big change

There’s no two ways about it, meat tastes great and I enjoy eating it. Then again there aren’t many things in this world that I’d rate above a lovely baked camembert or a nice bit of Wensleydale with cranberry either…and don’t get me started on milk chocolate.


One day I was letting Facebook autoplay videos and up popped one with a guy explaining why he went vegan. It didn’t share anything graphic, it wasn’t militant or hateful towards meat/dairy eaters, it was just him calmly and matter of factly talking about some of the processes that take place to bring certain foods to our tables and why he has opted out of supporting them.

Something about it resonated with me and got me thinking about my food consumption in a way that nothing else ever has. I’d been toying with the idea of going vegetarian this year but I’d never really understood what all the fuss was about with dairy produce until watching that video. Since then I’ve been unable to shake the feeling that the lifestyle I’m leading doesn’t follow my ethical views.

I wasn’t really sure what to do about it though so rather than making a huge commitment that I’m not prepared for, (and to avoid giving my family a heart attack this Christmas when they are so kindly going to be cooking up a feast) I instead decided that I’d commit to Veganuary, which means maintaining a vegan diet and lifestyle for the whole of January. Rather than wait until then though and take the ‘Big Bang’ approach,  I opted to try and eat vegan as often as I practically could during December too, to ease myself in and get comfortable with what I was doing.

Veganuary preparing for the big change

That gives me a bit of leeway until then to learn what I can eat and what I need to avoid, plan breakfasts and lunches and generally get my head in a good place whilst not beating myself up too badly if I make a mistake. It’s a bit of a minefield as it turns out – just about everything you can think of has either egg or milk in it it seems, even Quorn!

Oliver has been extremely supportive which is great. He’s a meat eater through and through but he also has no qualms about trying out vegan recipes with me. His view is that as long as it tastes good and is nutritious and filling then he’s happy to give it a shot! So far we’ve tried vegan Mac and Cheese, Chocolate Banana Bread and Scrambled Tofu together. On my own I’ve made Pesto Pasta and Pea and Mint Soup. All are from Lucy Watson’s cookbook Feed Me Vegan which, along with Pinterest, is pretty much my food bible right now.

Veganuary preparing for the big change

What I’ve also learned so far is that there’s two ways to be vegan though:

  1. Healthily eating a diet consisting mainly of plant based nutritious foods, or
  2. Fake cheese, processed meat substitutes and a shit tonne of carbs.

Lots of new vegans make the mistake of going carb heavy and end up putting on weight in the first few months. After a few days of eating vegan I had definitely fallen into that trap and was feeling horribly bloated so there’s lots for me to work out before Veganuary.

Veganuary preparing for the big change

I’m not looking to put a strict label on things right now, but drastically cutting down on my consumption of animal derived products is something that I want to do and I’m going to see where it leads, so I think Veganuary will be a good way to start off the year.

Anyway that’s where I am. I just wanted to put something on here to talk it through really and explain why you might see me posting vegan recipes on Instagram one day and then wonder why I’m posting a picture of some milk chocolate the next. I have a few blog posts to go up from things I did in November that definitely weren’t even vegetarian and I’m still going to post them on here because I did them and enjoyed them and I think you might too!

Veganuary preparing for the big change

I also promise that if I do decide to become a fully fledged vegan in the future that I won’t be a dick about it. It’s all new and interesting right now as I learn things and naturally I want to talk and share my experiences as I go through them and I’m sure that will continue during Veganuary, but I don’t want to become a preachy type who shouts down anyone that doesn’t share the same views as me. Ultimately I’m making a personal choice and I won’t impose my decisions and views on anyone else.

On the other hand if anyone is going through a similar process right now and wants to talk about it, I’m more than happy to chat either in the comments below or on my Twitter account @lovedbylaurac . I’m also finding the website a really helpful, non judgemental resource for prepping for Veganuary, so it’s worth taking a look if you’re going vegan or are vegan curious!

Note: All of the food pictures in this post are vegan recipes that I’ve tried over the past few weeks, even the chocolate banana bread thanks to Bourneville Chocolate which is dairy free!



Simple Tech Upgrades To Speed Up Blogging Tasks

This year I haven’t blogged as much as I wanted to. It wasn’t for lack of inspiration though, far from it in fact. The root cause was simply that my laptop was so incredibly slow and unreliable. I’d boot up my laptop ready to write a cracking post only to feel all my motivation drain away as I stared at a loading screen for 10 minutes. I was spending a silly amount of time dealing with frozen screens or having to redo lost work because my computer crashed halfway through saving. Anyone who’s experienced that knows how soul destroying it can be!

Added to this, I had begun to dread all the fiddly and time consuming admin tasks that go into the making of a good, informative post. Taking pictures and writing the main copy is the fun bit that I enjoy but I’m really not such a fan of continually clicking between tabs to copy and paste links and fact check information, it all felt like a proper chore.

Simple Tech Upgrades to Speed Up Blogging Tasks

Over the past few months though I’ve made some really simple, cost effective tech upgrades to help improve the situation and make things easier. I’m very happy to say that it’s worked and I’m getting back into the swing of things now and feeling much more motivated.

Here’s what I did and how you can do it to!

Simple Tech Upgrades To Speed Up Blogging Tasks

A super speedy laptop – for £138

Although I’d love to replace my laptop with an all signing all dancing Apple iMac or MacBook Pro they come with a far too hefty price tag. I opted for a far simpler and more cost effective solution; I replaced my laptop hard drive with an SSD (solid state drive) for £138. I got this one which my lovely boyfriend (who is far more knowledgeable on computer hardware than I am) recommended for me.

I won’t try and pretend that I know the technical details which explain why an SSD card boosts performance and is better than the standard one you get in your laptop (to be honest for all I know there are little elves sitting atop unicorns casting spells in there). I’ll just tell you instead that it’s well worth the investment and will make your laptop seem brand new again.

Mine boots up in 10 seconds flat now, I don’t get any horrible laggy freezes anymore and even heavy duty apps like Photoshop run with ease.

Basically when I tell my laptop to do something it just does it now without any delays or grumbles and that’s all I’ve ever wanted!

The swop was really straighforward, a bit like changing a sim card on your phone, so there’s not much technical know-how needed. Just remember that if you are going to change your hard drive then you’ll lose everything from the old one, so make sure you back everything up first and have a way to remember your passwords as you’ll need to set everything up again. Here’s a helpful guide I found which tells you everything you need to do step by step.

Going Dual Screen

Simple Tech Upgrades To Speed Up Blogging Tasks

If you’re unfamiliar with dual screen set ups, it basically means that you have an extra monitor running from your computer (be that a desktop or laptop) so you can display and use more than one internet page/programme at a time.

Simple Tech Upgrades To Speed Up Blogging Tasks

This is handy if you’re in the middle of writing something and want to refer to reading materials or insert links into the post. Instead of having to toggle between tabs all the time you can just have the web page/email open on one monitor and your draft blog post open on the other screen. Another way I use it is to have all my photos open in a folder on one monitor so that as I’m writing my post I can refer to them and then drag and drop them in, again without having to continually click back and forth on on screen.

Getting A Mouse

Simple Tech Upgrades To Speed Up Blogging Tasks

It’s not all that practical using a mouse when you’re using your laptop on the sofa but now that I’ve sorted out a proper office space with a desk I felt it was about time I got one. I opted for a USB plug in mouse over a wireless one because I don’t want to have to change batteries all the time and don’t mind the extra cable.

It’s such a small change, but I just find it so much easier to scroll through things and navigate with a proper mouse, plus I don’t get that weird numb finger feeling that comes with using a touchpad for too long anymore!

Making my office space more comfortable

Simple Tech Upgrades To Speed Up Blogging Tasks

It’s very distracting when you don’t feel comfortable and so if you’re going to spend a long time at a screen it makes sense to get a good supportive chair.

Simple Tech Upgrades To Speed Up Blogging Tasks

On a recent trip to Ikea I found an affordable, super comfy chair that was perfect for my desk space. It’s a funky acrylic design in a curved shape which I have finished off with a faux sheepskin from Ikea. Although it’s supposed to be a rug I’ve used it as a throw and it means that everytime I sit down I feel like I’m getting a big furry hug – a huge improvement on the fold out wooden low back chair I was using before!

(I know I’m stretching it a bit by calling ‘buying a chair’ a tech upgrade, but to be fair to me it was flat packed and came with instructions so that’s technical enough for my liking!)

I hope that some of you find this post on my recent tech upgrades helpful – if you’d like to see more about blogging on LovedByLaura let me know what sort of topics you’d like me to cover in the comments!

(Please note that this post isn’t sponsored, it’s all just stuff I’ve purchased myself over the last few months!)

Shop The Post

Logitech M90 Optical Mouse
Crucial MX300 SSD Drive
HP 24″ Monitor
Desk Chair
Faux Sheepskin Rug
Logitech M90 Optical Mouse
Crucial MX300 SSD Drive
HP 24″ Monitor
Desk Chair
Faux Sheepskin Rug
Logitech M90 Optical Mouse
Crucial MX300 SSD Drive
HP 24″ Monitor
Desk Chair
Faux Sheepskin Rug