The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection | Review

The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection Launch

Okay my beauty junkies stop what you’re doing right now, I have BIG news: The White Company have just launched their very first skincare collection and it’s all rather dreamy!

The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection

Developed in partnership with Deciem, (the umbrella company behind brands such as NIOD and Grow Gorgeous) The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection was kept under wraps for over a year whilst they tested and tweaked the formulations to perfection.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the collection to preview a few weeks early so I thought I’d share my initial thoughts here. Let me tell you, it’s a bit special!

The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection Launch

The advanced skincare capsule range* is designed to cater for your skin from morning to night and consists of the following:

  • Super Balm – Gentle Daily Deep Cleanser | £25
  • Face Cloth – Set of 3 – White | £15
  • Super Serum – Advanced Multi-depth Concentrate | £40
  • Advanced Hydration – Skin-Perfecting Moisturiser | £30
  • Night Oil – Overnight Renewal Treatment | £30
  • Eye Revive – Daily Brightening Eye Serum | £20

A special mention goes to the packaging which is every bit as pleasing to the eye as you’d expect from The White Company, with a clean minimalist colour palette of white, silver and black. These now have pride of place on my bathroom shelf!

Super Balm Gentle Daily Deep Cleanser

The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection Launch

This cleanser starts out as a creamy balm which you apply to dry skin, but as you massage it in it melts to more of an oil consistency, gently but thoroughly dissolving all traces of makeup. I found it to be incredibly gentle but effective and it removed my eye makeup including mascara with ease. The formula is also lightly scented with lemon and petitgrain essential oils and I love the combination; it reminds me of sherbet dip!

I’ve been using a hot/cold cloth method. First I soak a cloth in hot water, wring it out and then gently wipe away the cleanser. Then I rinse the cloth in cold water and give my face a further pat down. Afterwards my skin feels amazingly soft, smooth and supple.

Super Serum

The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection Launch

Formulated with advanced ingredients such as amino acids to help plump the skin and encourage skin cell renewal, marine extracts to lock in moisture and green tea to soothe skin and reduce circles, this is another winner. In fact it’s the one that The White Company’s founder Chrissie Rucker recommends if you only buy one product from the range because it’s such a powerhouse. What’s more, it’s got anti ageing properties too and offers protection against UV damage.

The consistency of the serum is really light, almost watery and is dispensed using a pipette. I’ve found that it fully absorbs after just one or two minutes which is great as it means I don’t have to skip this step if I’m in a rush and need to get my makeup on fast! So far so good with this one. I can’t say that I look 10 years younger (yet!) but I feel better for applying this each day.

Daily Moisturiser

The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection Launch

Okay so this says ‘daily’, whereas I probably use it 3 or 4 times a week because I’m quite happy with just using the serum most mornings. However when I do take the time to apply it my skin has reaped the benefits. Much like the cleanser, it starts off creamy but as you rub it in and allow it to absorb you find that it’s a lovely light consistency and isn’t overly buttery. Give it 5 minutes to fully absorb and I’ve found that it acts like a primer, giving me a smooth base to apply my makeup on top of.

Night Oil – Overnight Renewal Treatment

The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection Launch

Again this one comes beautifully packaged with a useful pipette applicator, allowing you to apply just the right amount of the oil to each area of the face. The smell of this one is subtle but gorgeous with poppy flower extract and a blend of Amazonian oils and anti-oxidants.

When you first put this on your face will feel a bit oily which may lead to worries that you will stain your pillow!  However I have found that after about 10 minutes of reading in bed the oil has begun working it’s magic, sinking into my skin and leaving it feeling suitably nourished and enriched.

Eye Revive

The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection Launch

I do love a good eye treatment and this one has shot straight into my top 3 (alongside Liz Earle and Charlotte Tilbury’s eye creams).  The Eye Revive is a transparent, ultra light formula which is more of a gel or serum than a cream. My eyes are often tired and puffy in the morning and I’ve found that a couple of tiny drops of this patted in helps to soothe them and reduce the water retention. I have been using it at night too to give my eyes an extra bit of TLC and to help them wake up refreshed.

The White Company Advanced Skincare Collection Launch

I can’t say I’ve noticed any dramatic difference to the dark circles or fine lines that I have, but then again I’ve been a terrible sleeper recently as well as slacking on my water intake so maybe I’m not the best person to review this element of the range! All I can really tell you is that it makes me feel better when I pop some on.

So there you have it – my first impressions after two weeks using the brand new The White Company Advanced Skincare range. I was going to pick a favourite, I’d say that you have to try the Super Balm Cleanser – I really do love the way it makes my skin feel and the gorgeous scent that elevates the experience to a whole new level of pampering!

What do you think of The White Company Advanced Skincare collection? Is there anything here that you can’t wait to get your hands on?


*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples, however all views expressed are my honest opinions and experiences.








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