Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015

I’m pretty sure I write something similar every month, but can I just ask:

Where the heck did May go?? 

It’s been a busy, happy, crazy month and as I sit down to right this, I’m struggling to even remember the first bank holiday – it seems so long ago now! Before I forget it completely, here’s my roundup of life lately.

Treats: Dragon Boats and Ice Cream Sundaes

The Friday was pretty miserable, the Sunday that followed was overcast and chilly, but sandwiched in between was the sort of day that dreams are made of! 

Summer dreams. 

The sun popped out from behind a cloud and decided to stay for the day. It beat down warm rays, turning Peterborough Rowing Lake into a glitter fest of sparkles and shimmers.

Originally I was going to spend a lazy afternoon cheering on friends and ex colleagues from the banks of the lake as they competed in a charity Dragon Boat Tournament. At the last minute, however, I got roped in to join one of the teams.

A Dragon Boat is long and narrow and looks like this: 

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Dragon Boat Racing

Racing in one of these is all about team work. To get a good pace in the water you need to be in time when you row. One person sits at the top of the boat and beats a drum. The faster he beats it, the faster you row!

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Dragon Boat Racing

One of my teamates couldn’t swim and was petrified of falling in the lake. I reassured him that it would all be fine as people began clambering into the boat and it rocked violently from side to side. I did NOT mention that I can’t swim either (that’s what lifejackets are for hey?).

As it was a charity event lots of teams came dressed up.

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Dragon Boat Racing

We lined up with the other boats at the start and raced our way to the finish. It was really, really hard work! At some points I wasn’t sure if I had enough strength to carry on rowing for a second longer, but then someone would scream out ‘come on guys we can do this!’ and I’d get another surge of adrenaline.

Each time we crossed the finish line we all couldn’t stop laughing and cheering.

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Dragon Boat Racing

We got completely drenched… some of it from the racing, a lot more because we kept splashing each other on purpose.

If you get the chance to have a go I highly recommend it.

In between races, we lazed on the grass in the sunshine; cheering on the other teams, eating hot dogs and the obligatory Mr Whippy ice cream sundae. A perfect day.

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Dragon Boat Racing

Tweets: Home alone, then someone has a fit watching Eurovision (almost).

N went to Amsterdam for four days. It was the longest I’d ever spent on my own in our house. It’s not that we haven’t been apart for that long before but it’s usually me who goes on little trips. I worried beforehand that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, but do you want to know a secret?

It was fab! 

Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic when N got back home and I missed him so much… but I got so much done!

I cooked for myself whilst listening to audiobooks…

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Dragon Boat Racing

…I watched The Affair on Sky Atlantic (I still can’t work out what’s real and what isn’t!) and caught up with Made In Chelsea.

I blogged, I went on Twitter chats and lounged on the sofa in face and hair masques with absolutely no makeup on. I’d been meaning to try out all the Freemans pamper goodies that I won at the Hot Hair event a few months back and this seemed the perfect opportunity!

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Freemans Beauty

On Saturday night I heard N’s car pull into the drive and almost bowled him over with hugs and kisses. Within 5 minutes though there was a loud knocking at the door. N answered it and I could hear a panicked voice:

“Can you help me? My friends epileptic and she’s feeling unwell and I don’t know what to do!”

Standing on our doorstep were two teens, looking shaken and scared. Not wanting to leave them out on the street in the dark, they ended up sat on my couch watching Eurovision as I fetched a glass of water and prepared to Google ‘how to put someone in the recovery position’.

The girl was fine in the end, shaky after feeling funny, but okay. Her mum turned up, thanked us for taking care of her daughter and off they all went. Not quite the homecoming N had expected. It was only later when I played back what I’d missed on Eurovision that I noticed the message: ‘Warning, this contains flashing lights and strobe effects.’

Meets and Eats: Bill’s Restaurant with the Cambs Bloggers

A while ago I spent a chilled afternoon with the Cambs Bloggers group. We chatted food, cocktails, creativity, photography, fashion… all sorts! It’s always so lovely to meet other bloggers and share experiences, even more so when you become friends and keep in touch, which is why I’ve loved finding this group so close to home.

Of course we ate some lovely food too! Pippa had booked us a table at Bill’s Restaurant, Cambridge.

I opted for the risotto which looked and tasted amazing and left me craving more (the inspiration behind my most recent recipe post!). Fresh rocket, peas, feta and my favourite topping, pine nuts.

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Bill's Restaurant Cambridge

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Bill's Restaurant Cambridge

Oh and these little doughy balls of deliciousness. Warm mini cinnamon doughnuts with fresh strawberries and a warm chocolate dipping sauce. Mmm.

Treats, Tweets and Eats | May 2015 | Bill's Restaurant Cambridge

Errmagaahd they were good. I ate too many just because they were there. Look out for a foodie post coming up soon with these in mind (or head to my Facebook page for a sneak peek!).

So there now, my little snippet of life lately. So long May, you’ve been a good one x


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