Birthday Present Ideas For Men Suitable for Lockdown

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Holding a gift card that says on the front "Just to say..." | Birthday present ideas for men during lockdown

Covid19 is trying its best to be the ultimate 2020 party pooper, but I was determined to make Oliver’s recent birthday as special as I could.

My gift was a 10 course tasting meal at the London fine dining restaurant Pied A Terre (which I can’t recommend highly enough, it was exceptional). It was our first and probably only time travelling anywhere outside of our home territory during the pandemic and we have no idea when we’ll be able to do anything like it again, so I did go a bit ‘extra!’

Going all out on his birthday meal did mean that he wasn’t going to have much to open though. Moonpig came to my rescue in the nick of time, asking if I’d like to surprise a loved one with some birthday gifts from their website.

I find it so hard to think of birthday present ideas for men. For a start, Oliver isn’t mad about football or sports. I’d already bought him a nice aftershave for Valentine’s Day and many of the usual ‘experience’ gifts like tickets to a comedy show or a gig aren’t possible at the moment. However, I found that Moonpig had lots of lovely birthday present ideas for men that were both affordable and thoughtful.

Here’s my selection, I hope that they give you a few birthday present ideas for the men in your life. (Especially if you’re feeling ‘stuck’ at home in lockdown or having to isolate!)

Grow Your Own Chillies

Looking down on hands holding a "Grow It Chilli Peppers" gift box | Birthday present ideas for men during lockdown

Oliver likes his spice so much that he uses hot sauce instead of seasoning in practically all meals. What better gift then than a chilli plant of his own? I hope that whenever he picks a fresh chilli to cook with that he has a little smile remembering who gave him it.

Family Date Night

Oliver is father to two lovely girls and adores spending his birthday with them. Usually that would usually consist of a day out or a big family meal. However with all the restrictions in place currently we have to be a little more creative.

The Family Date Night is a guided digital experience. You buy it as a voucher and then claim a special code. This allows you to go online to choose the night (or day) that you want to use it. On the day you access the games, puzzles and challenges via a unique link.

It’s suitable for adults and children aged 6 years and up and I think it’s a really fun and different way to celebrate a birthday with family. It’s also affordable too at £20.

Beer Hawk Craft Beer Discovery Gift Box

"Discover your next favourite beer" Beer Hawk gift box surrounded by wrapping paper and other presents | Birthday present ideas for men during lockdown

I mean, if all else fails, man + beer is a good option right? Oliver likes a good craft beer and is always up for trying new ones, so the Beer Hawk Craft Beer Discovery Gift Box went down a treat (both figuratively and literally, they didn’t last long!).

I also liked the finishing touches in the box – a bottle opener and a tasting booklet to accompany each of the brews.

100 Whiskies Scratch Off Bucket List

Looking down on hands holding a "100 whiskies" gift box | Birthday present ideas for men during lockdown

Keeping with the alcohol theme, the 100 Whiskies Scratch Off Bucket List is a fun little interactive gift for whiskey connoisseurs.

The poster lists out 100 whiskies and you scratch off the foil each time you drink one. I think it’ll keep Oliver going for quite a while and gives me plenty of gift ideas for upcoming birthdays!

Personalised Birthday Cards and a 20% Reader Discount

What I love about Moonpig is that the selection of cards is far wider than any found in my local shops and all can be personalised in some way.

I love the designs of Edward Monkton. His witticisms always make me chuckle and so I couldn’t resist ordering a rather cheeky card for Oliver which I personalised with his name on the front and my own message inside. (Unfortunately I do not have Edward Monkton’s wit… the best I could come up with is: Happy Birthday Oliver – groundbreaking!)

If you have some birthdays coming up then you can get 20% off of personalised cards until the end of October 2020. Use the discount code APP20CA at checkout when you order using the Moonpig app (which you can download here).


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