Peanut Butter and Chickpea Protein Cookies | Vegan Recipe

Peanut Butter and Chickpea Protein Cookies piled one on top of another (a stack of 5 in total)

Yes, you read that right, peanut butter and chickpea protein cookies! If you think that chickpeas are a weird thing to put in a cookie, let me assure you that they taste insanely good. The chickpeas help hold the cookies together. Pair this with tasty smooth peanut butter and you end up with a gorgeously soft, slightly crumbly texture inside.

Cross section of the Peanut Butter and Chickpea Protein Cookies showing the melted chocolate oozing out.

Delicious AND Nutritious?

Traditional cookies tend to use flour, butter, eggs and sugar. However by using chickpeas and peanut butter as your core ingredients you replace empty calories with something much more nutritious. These cookies contain fibre which will leave you feeling more satiated, as well as 5g protein per cookie.

I was inspired by this recipe which I have adjusted to reduce the fat and carb content per cookie. These small changes don’t compromise on any of the gooey joy that these cookies contain but might allow you to have an extra one occasionally!

This recipe still contains a high percentage of fat though thanks to all of that wonderful peanut butter. However as this fat is derived from nuts, it’s mostly made up of the healthy monounsaturated kind.

Life’s Too Short – Eat the Cookie!

Of course cookies are never going to be the healthiest thing you can eat! Think of these cookies as an occasional treat and enjoy them in moderation. Life’s too short to cut cookies out of your life completely, especially when they’re this delicious!

Are you ready? Let’s get baking!

Storing the Cookies

Since we’re currently in lockdown and I live on my own, it’s not a good idea for me to have 12 freshly baked cookies hanging around on my countertop crying out to me to be eaten!

You must have one fresh from the oven, I implore you! They taste so good when they’ve been left to firm up for 10 minutes and are still warm. For the rest, I allow the cookies to cool, transfer them to an airtight container and then freeze them. Whenever I want one I simply remove it from the freezer and pop it on a microwave safe plate and heat it on full power for 30 seconds.

I then use a small piece of kitchen towel to remove any excess water from the plate, then leave the warmed cookie to rest for about 5-10 minutes. They go right back to tasting like they’re fresh out of the oven!

Alternatively you can store them at room temperature within an airtight container for a few days.

Contact Me

I hope you enjoy making these peanut butter and chickpea protein cookies as much I enjoy eating them! If you have any questions/comments please do get in touch below or tweet me at @lovedbylaurac .


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