The Millennial Matters Podcast | Season 3 Review

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Last time I wrote about my other project The Millennial Matters Podcast on here we were about to wrap on Season 1. Can you believe that we’re about to start production on our fourth season?

I thought I’d round up some of what’s been happening both on and off the show during Season 3 because it’s been a bit of a whirlwind and very exciting!

The Millennial Matters Podcast Season 3

You might not know it when you listen to a podcast, but there’s a great deal of stuff going on in the background to bring it to your ears.

For Season 3 we changed our recording set up to improve the sound quality and learned some new editing skills along the way. To make it easy for people to access all of our episodes and get additional information on the topics we discuss there’s now a podcast website:

We mixed up the format of the show too, bringing on some more special guests where we thought that they’d add to the discussion and help us get to the heart of things.

Some Episodes You Might Enjoy

The Millennial Matters cover for episode featuring Vix Meldrew

Our interview with Vix Meldrew gave us a fascinating insight into what it’s really like to transition from a traditional career in teaching to life as a freelance content creator and coach. If you’re feeling in a funk creatively this episode is just the motivation that you need to get you back on track.

Listen here:

Cover image for The Millennial Matters Podcast episode featuring Kirsty Leanne

Travel blogger Kirstly Leanne came on the show to help us understand why there needs to be greater diversity in travel marketing. She explains how the hashtag #PlusSizedTravelToo came about, how you can get involved in her campaign and where you can connect to a friendly and inclusive online community of travellers.

Listen here:

In our latest episode Pippa interviews me on why I chose to go plant based and transitioned to vegan living. Whether you’re vegan and want to hear from someone you can relate to, or you’re just curious to know what’s involved but don’t want to feel judged, we break it all down in a relaxed chat.

Listen here:

Guests of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

A few months ago Richard ‘Spanners’ Ready from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire invited us onto his Saturday lunchtime show to talk about our podcast. At first we thought it was a wind up, but to our amazement it was the actual BBC calling!

Richard chats to content creators from around the region and we’ve become his ‘pop culture’ regulars.

It’s incredibly nerve wracking knowing that our chats are going out live to a huge regional audience but it’s also great fun. I love seeing how it all works behind the scenes and we’ve learned lots too which has helped us with the podcast.

Cover of the millennial matters podcast episode featuring Richard Spanners Ready

Richard is also a podcaster on the F1 show Missed Apex so we were thrilled when he agreed to talk about his career journey on Millennial Matters. Richard shares lots of helpful tips and knowledge on starting and growing a podcast as well as some laugh out loud tales. It’s well worth a listen.

Listen here:

Taking A Break

Our final episode of the season goes out next week and then we’re taking a short break before Season 4 starts in July. Whilst a few weeks of uninterrupted Love Island* viewing will be great, I can’t wait to get back to it.

In the meantime, I’ve finally replaced my old dodgy laptop so there’s lots of new blog content coming this way too that I haven’t been able to share before now.

Life is very busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

*If you’re not sure whether or not to watch the show this year, we debated it in this episode!


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