The Classic Trench Coat (In Pink!) | Fashion

The Classic Trench Coat (In Pink!) | Fashion

It feels like for months now I’ve been seeing people post pictures of themselves casually strolling in bare legs and the cutest little Spring and Summer outfits. I can’t help wondering if¬†Instagrammers who hit 10k followers get a ray of warm sunshine along with the ability to post links, because every time I’ve looked out the window it’s been raining sideways and all I’ve wanted to wear is my festive Christmas pyjamas because: Fleecy.

Thank goodness then for a bit of sunshine this week so that I could finally join in the fun and debut my new Spring coat. I bought it over a month ago and was so excited about my purchase that I couldn’t wait to show it off. However although it’s fully lined it’s quite a light material so I’ve been waiting for the temperatue to hit double digits.

The Classic Trench Coat (In Pink!) | Fashion

Isn’t it a beauty? I found it on ASOS and was so happy to find it available in Petite sizes because it was exactly what I’d been looking for. I’d had my heart set on buying a pink coat but I know that my body shape suits classic cuts and most of the ones that I’d been finding in Petite were either like long slouchy cardigans, or where in quite a boxy blazer style which wasn’t what I had in mind.

The Classic Trench Coat (In Pink!) | Fashion

This one, however, is in a classic trench coat style with detailing on the pockets, sleeves and buttons. The belt can be cinched in to help create definition around the waist or it can be tied for a more casual look.

The Classic Trench Coat (In Pink!) | Fashion

It’s a dusky rose pink colour which is neither too girly or too bright. I like to play up the tones with light accessories and neutral heels, but it works just as well in a casual look with jeans and white sneakers.

The Classic Trench Coat (In Pink!) | Fashion

My other treat for Spring is this new necklace from Tatty Devine.

The Classic Trench Coat (In Pink!) | Fashion

I’ve coveted one of their iconic Name Necklaces for years but never could quite allow myself to spend the money. Then they released a new designs in collaboration with the Museum of London to celebrate the Centenary of the Suffragettes the very same weekend that I attended a live recording of The Guilty Feminist Podcast. I took it as fate and here we are. I absolutely love it!

The Classic Trench Coat (In Pink!) | Fashion

The Classic Trench Coat – Outfit Details

The Classic Trench Coat (In Pink!) | Fashion

ASOS Petite Classic Trench Coat | Here (Also available in Regular)

Tatty Devine Feminist Necklace | Here

HotterUK Blossom Scarf* | Here

(All other items pictured are old)

Photos by Sian’s Photography


Disclaimer: Items marked with an asterisk were kindly gifted.

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