My Copper Home Picks from Amara | Interiors

The team at Amara know that I love the current copper trend and invited me to pick and style some of their gorgeous homeware pieces. After scrolling their site for hours and creating a wishlist as long as my arm I finally whittled it down to a few items which I knew would add the finishing touches to my lounge. Here’s what I chose!

Cushions and Candles

My Copper Home Picks from Amara | Interiors

I have way too many cushions but couldn’t resist adding this copper and grey one* to the mix. The metallic message written across it makes me smile as I know it’s supposed to be whimsical but I can’t help reading it as “Find a place… and get lost!” Either way, it’s a snuggly squishy cushion and also makes an excellent pillow. (No YOU fall asleep on the sofa every night!)

My Copper Home Picks from Amara | Interiors

My Copper Home Picks from Amara | Interiors

Always a lover of a good scented candle or five, this one from A by Amara* smells insanely good. With notes of fig leaf, amber and wood it’s earthy and delicious. The candle is encased in a beautiful ceramic pot which, being copper and gray, perfectly fits with my colour scheme.

My Copper Home Picks from Amara | Interiors

£50 is a lot to spend on a candle but this one comes in a beautiful black presentation box and feels wonderfully luxurious, so I reckon it would make an excellent Christmas present for someone lucky. They also do a scented candle of Sicilian Lemon and Sea Salt which is encased in…wait for it…a copper and marble design. Shut up and take my money!

A Contemporary Clock

My Copper Home Picks from Amara | Interiors

I’ve been on the lookout for a wall clock for a while and when I saw this one* I knew it was the one. It’s minimalist and sleek and although I might one day attempt hanging it up (banging nails into my nice smooth walls frightens the life out of me!) for now it looks rather good just stood on a pile of books.

A Copper Wishlist

If that’s whet your appetite for the copper trend, here are my other picks from Amara’s current copper collection.

Amara Copper Trend Wishlist


  1. A by Amara Copper Candle Holders, Set of 2 £25
  2. Acid Burnt Cushion, £70
  3. Tank Low Ball Glasses, Set of 2 £50
  4. Palm Decorative Dish, £350 (I know, couldn’t resist including this one even though it’s SO expensive!)
  5. Copper Bird Tree Decorations, Set of 2 £10
  6. Cutipol Duna 24 Piece Cutlery Set, £269
  7. Frama E27 Table Light, £69
  8. Umbra Trigg Small Copper Wall Planters, Set of 2 £25
  9. Tom Dixon London Candle Giftset, £60

P.s. A Bit of Chemistry!

As I was compiling my wishlist I couldn’t decide whether copper and rose gold were the same thing. No. It turns out that they aren’t.

Copper is actually a metal in it’s own right and tends to have a more orange tinge to it compared to the pinker hue of rose gold, whereas rose gold is what we call an alloy metal, in this case copper and gold mixed together. That lovely rosiness is caused by the chemical reaction that takes place during the process.

So technically my copper titled post contains some items which are rose gold, but they all work so well together that I’ve left them in!


*Disclaimer: Items marked with an asterisk are PR samples, however as always rest assured that all thoughts expressed are my own unbiased opinions.

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