My Favourite Sources of Interior Inspiration in 2017

My Interior Inspiration 2017

Becoming a sole homeowner around this time last year has had a massive influence on my interior style choices for 2017. I’m now totally free to make every single design, decor and furniture decision myself and little by little (on a modest monthly budget) I am transforming my house into the cosy living space I’ve always wanted.

When I visited the Graham and Brown House of Wallpaper Pop Up recently (catch my post on it here if you missed it) we chatted about how my home revamp was going and what trends have inspired me in 2017. For me, it’s definitely been the year of copper and rose gold, used in combination with tonal shades of white, pink and grey to create cosy, luxe spaces with a soft but not too overtly feminine touch.

I’ll be giving you a peek into my home in a few posts time to show you how I’ve been embracing the trend, but for now I’ve rounded up some of my current favourite sources of interior inspiration:


There is so much interior inspiration to be found on Instagram. I love the accounts of @HannahFGale, @KateLaVie and @Lustliving. Each has their own instantly recognisable aesthetic and gives me plenty of ideas on ways to translate my most loved colour scheme into a realistic living space.

Hannah Gale

Instagram: @hannahfgale

Interior inspiration hannah gale

Hannah is a lifestyle blogger but her instagram account often features interior shots. It has been a long time favourite of mine for her clean, fresh and fun signature style.

Not afraid of a splash of pink, she has shown me how to keep it chic by teaming it with monochrome patterns, tonal greys and lots of lush greenery.

I love that everything that Hannah styles feels accessible to me – nothing costs the earth and she shares insight into how she’s maximised modest spaces. Even better, when Hannah spots a high street bargain she’s straight onto Instagram stories to share it with us all so that we don’t miss out!

Kate La Vie

Instagram: @kate.lavie

Kate La Vie has an iconic signature style that has no doubt influenced thousands. She’s the master at combining rose gold, marble and white colour schemes with typeset prints and botanics.

She favours high end designers such as West Elm, Jo Malone and Diptyque and her kitchen is the dreamiest combination of marble, rose gold and copper that I’ve ever seen. It’s the sort of kitchen I aspire to have ‘when I’m a grown up’. (Never mind that I’m 35… living on your own is expensive!)

Lust Living (Olivia Silk)

Instagram: @lustliving

I first came across Olivia and Lust Living whilst Googling for office decor ideas. That took me to her blog which I was then lost on for about 2 hours reading through each room makeover post in turn!

Interior inspiration Lust Living Instagram

I not only adore her flair for interior design, full of personal touches, but also the learning experiences and tips that she shares on how to renovate or decorate rooms or areas. It’s at once a feast for my eyes and a really helpful resource too.

The Little Book Of Hygge by Meik Wiking

Hygge doesn’t translate exactly into English and is more of a way of life and a feeling than a thing, but if you think of comfort, togetherness and warmth you’re on the right track.

My Interior Inspiration 2017

The book isn’t solely about interiors but features a chapter on ‘Home’ which I’ve used as inspiration for accessorising mine. The Danes love candles, natural materials, clean lines and soft textures – all of which work really well with the rose gold trend that I’ve been gravitating to.

My Interior Inspiration 2017

It’s best enjoyed just before bed time as it’s such a cosy relaxing read!


I can’t write a post on interior inspiration without including Pinterest which I find useful in a number of ways:

  1. To store all of the links to things I might want to purchase, saved by their images in themed boards. It helps me to visualise how pieces would work together and ensures that I never forget where I came across them!
  2. As a way to create colour palettes. When I first decided that I wanted to use rose gold as a key colour accent I tried out various colour combinations in the search bar until I came across the palette that I liked best. Now whenever I’m thinking of updating a room I just experiment with changing one of the accent colours at a time.

My Interior Inspiration 2017

…I also like to go ‘old school’ and create real life Pinterest mood boards at home too – I picked up lots of wallpaper samples from Graham and Brown at their pop up and have a wire memo board that I pin them to with pages torn from magazines and fabric samples to see how things might work together.

My Interior Inspiration 2017

I hope you enjoyed seeing my go-tos to interior inspiration this year. What are your favourite ways to get ideas for home decor?


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