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Favourite Foodie Finds October

Wait… I planned to do a Favourite Foodie Finds in September, how is it already halfway through October?! Oh well, at least that means that I get to do some photo styling with autumnal leaves – yay! Here are my Favourite Foodie Finds for October… (and September!)


Snack time: an important part of the workday, some might say THE most important part. Recently snack time has been 9.45am because I’ve been nailing finding low calorie snacks that don’t compromise on taste, which means they call to me from my handbag. I’m not usually even hungry!


Favourite Foodie Finds October

To be honest I couldn’t imagine what the heck an ‘organic chickpea puff’ would be like but for only 90 calories per bag I was willing to try them to find out! They are actually extremely moreish, like a super crunchy more flavoursome version of a Wotsit! My favourite flavour is Sweet & Smokin’ made with paprika spice and smoked sea salt, but I’ve happily been making my way through all of the flavours on a regular basis (sorry colleagues!).

You can pick them up from Superdrug, Waitrose and Boots among other places – just look out for the sunny yellow packets!

Find out more at: Hippeas.com

Emily’s Fuit and Veg Crisps

Favourite Foodie Finds October

Okay, so if you want the healthiest option for a snack then you should probably just eat some raw fruit. Sometimes though I want something a bit more satisfying, or just lighter to make the commute that bit easier. I’m finding these a good compromise as an occassional snack. Each bag counts as one of my 5 a day, they’re vegan, gluten free and although high in natural sugars, are low fat and low calorie.

My favourites to munch on are Crunchy Red Apple, Crunchy Pineapple and Sweet Potato, Carrot and Beetroot.

You can pick them up in Holland and Barratt and Waitrose.

Find out more at: EmilyCrisps.com

Flavoured Pea Snacks with Chilli and Lime

Favourite Foodie Finds October

I went into Aldi looking for a footstool bargain (it was £40 and a dupe of a gorgeous The White Company one I have been lusting after!). Sadly there were none left and I was a bit hangry, so I looked around for an emergency snack. These are what I grabbed. Again, they are ridiculously low cal, cheap as chips but also surprisingly good! I can’t find a link to them but if you’re in Aldi have a look for them and let me know what you think!


Pip and Nut – latest releases*

Favourite Foodie Finds October

Pip and Nut very kindly sent me a selection of their latest releases to try including the Limited Edition Chocolate Hazlenut Coconut butter which is a grown up version of chocolate spread.

I LOVE Pip and Nut, not only because all of their nut butters are delicious, but also because they make a point of not using palm oil and I fully support that. (My post here which explains why.)

They’ve also added crunchy versions of some of their spreads, much to my delight. I’m now rather partial to a spoonful of their crunchy peanut butter straight from the jar when I need an energy boost!

You can find Pip and Nut in most supermarkets these days and Holland and Barrett too.

Find out more at: PipandNut.com

The Naughty Ones

Okay so you didn’t think I’d been a saint all month did you? Hahaha nope. I ate ice cream and drank gin too. Eat good to eat bad – that’s my motto!

Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup

Favourite Foodie Finds October

This was a case of love at first bite and goddammit they had better stop reducing it to £2.50 soon or I’m going to need chairlifting off my sofa before long. It’s got huge Peanut Butter Cups in it, it’s chocolatey, it’s peanut buttery… it’s divine.

Favourite Foodie Finds October

Find out more at: BenJerry.co.uk

Rock Rose Premium Scottish Gin – Autumn Edition*

Favourite Foodie Finds October

I’m not much of a gin drinker but the fella is a connoiseur so when Rock Rose asked if I’d like to try their Autumn Edition I knew I’d have a willing volunteer to help me taste test it!

This is a really different gin to any that either of us have ever had before. It’s warm, herbaceous and a little bit spicy, distilled using traditional Rock Rose botanicals, blackberries and raspberries. It’s spot on for this time of year – pour a glass of it and enjoy snuggled under a cosy blanket!

Find out more/buy it at: Dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk

…so that’s my round up of Favourite Foodie Finds for October. What delectable goodies have you discovered recently?


*Disclaimer: Items marked with an asterisk were kindly gifted as PR samples for my consideration. As always I’ve given you my honest thoughts on each.

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