Gravitas Photoshoot, Christmas In July & Ping Pong!

Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost

The past month or so has been a lovely mixture of fun filled hectic days followed by wonderfully quiet uneventful ones. Here are a few of the highlights!

Christmas In July

Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost

Although it’s way to early to be counting down to Christmas I couldn’t help but get into the festive spirit and feel a tingle of excitement when I visited The White Company’s press day preview: Christmas In July. I’ll be doing a full post in November but I just had to include a sneak peek because oh my gosh I’m excited for Christmas 2017 now!

Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost

There were gift ideas spilling from every corner of the room and dreamy dinner table display that makes me want to considerably up my dinnerware game.

Life Lately Gravitas Magazine PrevostLife Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost

Candles and diffusers filled the air with gorgeous scent combinations that immediately made me think of Christmas .

Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost

If that wasn’t enough this little scene stole the show for me.

Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost

It’s totally Hygge and makes me WANT it to be cold so that I can snuggle up under a blanket with a good book and lots of scented candles. Basically they did a fantastic job of making me wish away Summer, even though I know I’ll be moaning like anything the day I need to wear long sleeves and a coat again!

Bounce Ping Pong

I’ve wanted to go to Bounce in Farringdon for years. It’s a similar concept to going bowling except you’re playing Ping Pong instead. It’s a huge place with row upon row of ping pong tables so there’s a really buzzing atmosphere when it’s busy. A bar runs the length of the space so you can stick around after your turn at the tables at watch how everyone else handles a bat after a few drinks!

Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost

I felt like I got a good workout from all of the running around and spent the half hour laughing my head off as stray balls went everywhere, including into drink cups and ricocheting off people’s heads! Luckily a ball guy would pick up all the escaped balls and refill our bucket at regular intervals so even though neither of us turned out to be particularly skilled at keeping the ball on the table we never ran out!

Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost

After 6pm you can only advance book a table for six or more players, but we had popped in before 4pm and so managed to bag a table for two at 7pm as walk ins. When we arrived people were getting turned away so it’s good to organise it in advance or go before peak times if you can manage it.

Price wise it’s a bit hefty at £15.50 for 30 mins per table if there’s only two of you (adding on more if you buy some drinks too which of course we did!) but it was a really fun unique experience too so that just about justified it for me!

Gravitas Blogger Photoshoot

On Saturday I took part in a photoshoot for Gravitas who are running a feature on top local bloggers in their Autumn edition – eep!

Life Lately Gravitas Magazine Prevost

Gravitas is a regional luxury lifestyle magazine which launched six months ago. It’s aimed at professionals in the Peterborough area and is full of offers for local restaurants, bars and shops as well as lots of inspirational articles on all of my favourite subjects like food, fashion and beauty. I love having a flick through as I can relate to so much of the content so it’s incredibly exciting to think that I’ll be part of the next issue.

The photoshoot itself was nice and relaxed mainly thanks to the fact that I was with lots of other lovely bloggers so we all had a chat and a giggle during the process. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

If that wasn’t enough, the shoot was held at Prévost which is Peterborough’s renowned fine dining restaurant. It was a privilege to be allowed in before opening time as not only is the decor gorgeous for photos, but also I got to see them preparing for a busy day’s restaurant service.

Watch out for a review coming soon as I’ll be back there in a few weeks time for lunch!

Masterchef Australia 2016

I finally got to finish watching last year’s Masterchef Australia and I’d forgotten just how much I love the show! It always inspires me to be more creative and experiment with new cooking or baking techniques. Last week I made chocolate honeycomb for the first time after seeing them do it in an episode. It was such a fun process as when you add bicarbonate of soda it instantly bubbles up and triples in volume, plus the end result tasted delicious!

I’m hoping that the return of The Great British Bakeoff will help fill the gap that it’s left! (Game of Thrones is currently helping…)



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