Favourite Foodie Finds | July 2017

Favourite Foodie Finds July 2017 Doisy and Dam Soffles

As you might have read in this post I’ve been doing my best to eat healthily and stick to a calorie controlled diet. Goddammit though it’s hard when there is just so much good food out there calling to me! Here are my favourite foodie finds this month…the good, the naughty and um… the downright dirty!

Favourite Foodie Finds

Doisy & Dam Superfood Chocolate Bars*

Favourite Foodie Finds July 2017 Doisy and Dam Soffles

I know, I know, I’m talking about being on a calorie controlled diet and then the first thing on my list is chocolate…stick with me though! I’ve found that if I go for a richer, better quality chocolate then I’m satisfied with a few pieces instead of feeling the need to guzzle the whole bar. Thus I feed my craving without completely blowing out all the good work.

Favourite Foodie Finds July 2017 Doisy and Dam Soffles

I also feel better about eating these bars because they’re billed as a ‘tastier, healthier range of chocolate’ made with the highest quality organic chocolate and truly original superfood pairings.

Favourite flavours:

Maca, vanilla and cacoao nibs bar made with 74% organic dark chocolate – smooth chocolate with a little crunch from the nibs and a sweet almost milk chocolatey flavour that isn’t at all bitter despite the high cocoa content.

Goji and Orange – this totally counts towards my five a day doesn’t it? (Let me pretend okay?)

Date & Himalayan Pink Salt – I put off trying this as I thought I was going to hate it. OMG though it’s amazing. The sweet date pieces combined with the salt remind me of salted caramel – how have they even done that?! It’s witchcraft I tell you.


Favourite Foodie Finds July 2017 Oysters

I have wanted to try oysters for years and finally plucked up the courage. I wouldn’t say that they set my world on fire; salty was the overall taste that I got from them unsurprisingly, but they are certainly a bit of a showstopper when served in a tray of ice and lemon which all adds to the experience. They are extremely low cal too – winner!

In London the price tag will bring a tear to your eye though. I was at Searcys St Pancras Champagne Bar and 6 Jersey oysters cost £17. Factor in champagne to accompany them (of course!) and a main and you’ve just eaten next month’s rent.

Soffles Pitta Chips*

Favourite Foodie Finds July 2017 Soffles

I’m rather partial to toasting pitta bread and dipping it in salsa and these chips are the step up from that! They’re 100% natural and low in fat, although a bag does still come in at over 200 kcals so I have been sticking to having them as a weekly treat.

When I first tried one I thought they were way too thick, but after crunching my way through a couple I found them getting more and more addictive. I don’t really need to eat a whole bag of them to myself as they are quite filling so they’re great for sharing.

Favourite Foodie Finds July 2017 Soffles

Favourite flavours:

Chilli and Garlic ‘Mild’  – The fella prefers the ‘Wild’ version which are kicked up a spicy notch but I like mine with just a hint of chilli.

Salmon and Spinach Curry

Favourite Foodie Finds July 2017 Soffles

I forgot that my car tax was due and so the last week before payday I banned myself from food shopping and had to make do with whatever was in my fridge and freezer. I found a fillet of frozen salmon and decided that I wanted to curry it since I couldn’t afford to go out and buy a whole host of expensive ingredients, but have a whole shelf of spices that never get used.

A quick search on google led me to this recipe which worked a treat! I served the salmon with cauliflower rice to keep the calories and carbs down. It’s just so quick and easy to do since everything goes into one pot that I’ve cooked it several times since.

Dirty Bacon Burgers at Dirty Burger

Favourite Foodie Finds July 2017 Dirty Burger

The dirty bacon burger is the juiciest, chunkiest most flavourful burger that I’ve had a the pleasure to eat this year, and that’s saying something as I’ve had some tasty burgers!

Dirty Burger restaurants are styled to look a bit of a downtown dive, but you can tell that they’re actually super trendy from the Cowshed toiletries in the restroom and the fact that a burger will set you back between £7 and £9 despite coming out on a plastic tray wrapped in paper! The soft drinks are also quite extortionate, I ordered a diet coke and it came out in a can which cost me £2.50 – ouch!

Forget about that though, the quality of the burgers are what you’re really paying for. I don’t know what they dip the bun in but it’s mouth wateringly flavourful and the bacon seems more like gammon to me because it’s so indulgently thick.

A word of warning: Napkins are a must, wet wipes would be preferable. You WILL get dirty eating these bad boys!


*Disclaimer: Items marked with an asterisk are PR samples. All views expressed are my own true and personal opinions.







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