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Life Lately

Wow, we’re almost halfway through 2017 and I feel like I haven’t had a catch up with you all for ages! Let’s set that right shall we? Here’s a little glimpse of my life lately:

Martinis, Music and Muses

I recently attended Peterborough Queensgate Shopping Centre’s late night event called Martinis, Music and Muses. Lucky shoppers that evening found themselves treated to complimentary martinis, a 2hr DJ set from Lauren Pope and lots of special offers in the stores for that night only.

Megs, the blogger and vlogger behind the beautiful blog Wonderful You was on hand to offer style advice to those looking to freshen up their wardrobes for the Summer. Along with fellow #Qbloggers Kat and Sabina, I was invited to sit down with her for a chat.

Life Lately

It was fascinating getting an insight into her life as a full time blogger (newflash people – it’s not all glamour and an easy life, she works bloody hard!) and hearing her opinions and experiences on all sorts of topics from negative comments to travel blogging and creativity.

She really was a sweetheart and it was great to meet a success story who is happy to encourage and support smaller aspiring bloggers.

I bought a bike (and cried a bit!)

I never really got into cycling as a child and then when I decided to give it a go one year at Center Parcs I promptly flew over the handlebars on day one, winding myself and acquiring a split lip, two black eyes and gravelled cheeks. It wasn’t really the holiday look I’d been going for.

Life Lately

I’ve been wanting to conquer the fear for ages and my fella is really into cycling so he’s been helping me find my confidence again. I’m now the proud owner of a beautiful Giant Liv Road Bike, which ironically is in size XXS since I’m only 5 foot!

I’m not going to lie to you and say that it’s been easy so far; after a few practice sessions I’m still really nervous and wobbly, currently riding slower than a six year old and I haven’t mastered changing gears yet because I don’t want to move my hands once they’re clamped in position! I also managed to burst into tears twice after getting frustrated at myself for being such a wuss which was horribly embarrassing.

Life Lately

However, I’m determined to succeed and each time I go out I improve on something, so I’m heading in the right direction.

Healthy Eating

So when I went through my breakup the only good thing about it was that I lost my appetite and dropped half a stone. Then I started dating again and you know what that means don’t you? I put it all back on! It’s not like I’m overweight or anything, just that I want to find that happy balance. I’ve been eating a lot of processed stodgy stuff and want to get back to more home cooked, fresh, clean meals.

My current favourite meal is either Chilli Salmon and Roasted Asparagus (which I intend to share the very simple recipe for on here soon) or The Londoner’s Egg Fried Cauliflower Rice.

Life Lately

I found that you can buy microwave cauliflower rice at the supermarket now which saves faffing about making your own at home as it’s really messy and fiddly and means that I can whip this bad boy up in less than 10 minutes – hoorah!

Flowers On A Budget

I love brightening the rooms of my home with big bunches of flowers but geez it’s expensive to keep replacing them! At the Ideal Home Show I came across a company called Cote Noire and they were selling faux flowers that looked so realistic that I couldn’t help but snap up several big bunches. I’m saving a small fortune and they are really handy as photography props too – such a good buy!

Life Lately


Life Lately

My friend Tiffany married Sean at the weekend and oh my goodness what a beautiful evening it was! I partook in that special kind of dancing that you only do at weddings, pimped my Prosecco with unicorn dust and had to declare it a cheat day because just look at the spread they laid on! Oh and did I mention the pizzeria outside baking fresh pizzas to order and the ice cream van?

Life Lately

Tiffany, of course, made an absolutely stunning bride – you can check out the pictures on Instagram, just search #NichollsTieTheKnott.

Borough Market

*I debated whether to include this given the awful events that have since taken place there, but it is so unfair that such a beautiful, diverse part of London should now be associated with the cowardly, evil actions of the few rather than with the happiness that it has brought to so many on a daily basis. For that reason I decided to share my recent happy memories. My heart goes out to everyone affected.*

A few weeks ago I met up with my friend Fran for a catch up in London and she introduced me to foodie heaven at Borough Market. What a place!

With everything from cheese to chocolate to chutney to chilli and every spice imaginable, it offered an eclectic mix of foods and cultures spanning from every corner of the globe. We spent a glorious hour exploring the stalls and accepting all the free samples of deliciousness, before finding a corner barrel from which we could enjoy our Prosecco and chocolate as we watched the world pass by.

Life Lately

London, my heart breaks and at the same time is full of enormous pride for your never ending spirit – I love you!







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