How I’m Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle* | Skincare

How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle

Last weekend the sun finally awoke from it’s Winter hibernation and dazzled the UK with it’s warmth for two glorious days. I was delighted to be able to ditch my black tights and slip on my favourite pair of platform sandals for the first time this year, but not so enthusiatic about all the pale dry skin on show!

My skin gets rather parched over Winter and I’m prone to scaly patches on my legs, knees and elbows which are easy to ignore when you can cover them in 3 layers every day, but become a big flashing red light to me as the temperatures slowly begin to creep into double figures.

I know it isn’t summer quite yet but I think that this is the perfect time of year to start prepping our skin so that next time the sun decides to show itself we’re ready for it.

Here’s how I’m getting my skin Summer ready using products from one of my all time favourite skincare brands, the one and only Liz Earle!

How I’m Getting My Skin Summer Ready


If you don’t currently exfoliate here are 4 reasons why it’s a good idea to start:

  1. Exfoliation helps to gently slough away dead layers leaving behind smoother, healthier skin.
  2. It helps to prevent ingrown hairs (something you might get if you shave, wax or epilate regularly).
  3. Your skin is more receptive to moisturisers after exfoliation.
  4. Exfoliation boosts circulation which leaves your skin glowing and helps to combat cellulite.

I exfoliate twice a week using Liz Earle’s Energising Body Scrub. I used to use a dry sugar scrub but fell in love with this one because of it’s gel formulation.

How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle

It’s really gentle on my sensitive skin and so easy to apply as the buffing olive stones are contained within the gel. All you need to do is squeeze out a blob and massage it in circular motions into the skin and the stones will work their magic.

The sweet orange oil gives it a fresh, invigorating scent which provides a lovely boost in the morning.

Moisturising Body Oils

I don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the mornings so the Superskin Dry Oil from Liz Earle is a godsend. It comes in a spray bottle which means that I can spritz it on and be out the door within minutes! The oil is non greasy and absorbs super fast, leaving behind a beautiful healthy sheen on my skin.

How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle
How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle
How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle

As with all Liz Earle products this one is made with natural botanical ingredients, in this case Rosehip, Cranberry and Borage oils, which combine to leave a lingering aromatic scent which will help keep you calm and focused during a stressful day!

At night I have a bit more time on my hands so I use the richer Superskin Treatment for Body. This is the big sister to the facial oil which I raved about here and smells just as good! It feels a bit greasy when first applied but this soon soaks in and quenches your skin’s thirst.

How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle

If you apply it 30 minutes before bed time you won’t have to worry about your sheets, but I’d recommend slathering it on and then slipping into some luxurious silk pyjamas for a truly pampering treat (or, let’s be real, in my case a pair of Primark’s cotton finest!). That way you can allow it to soak in gradually overnight and wake up to even silkier hydrated skin in the morning.

Overnight Mask Magic

It’s not just my body that’s been feeling dehydrated from a long Winter and I’m ever conscious of signs of ageing creeping onto my face. Whilst I know that it’s impossible to turn back time, I am determined to do my best to slow down the clock as much as possible and the Superskin Overnight Mask has become my new best friend.

How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle

This mask is designed to nourish the skin and lock in moisture with a supercharged cocktail of natural ingredients including Persian silk tree, pomegranate flower, buriti, borage and rosehip.

I’ve been using the mask twice a week and I like to make a big pampering deal of it with a facial massage. First I use my fingers to press it into my cheeks, across my forehead and around my jawline, then I gently work it into the skin using upward circular motions. NEVER rub or drag the skin on your face, especially around your eyes so as to keep the delicate skin in it’s best shape.

How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle

Then I leave it on overnight – easy peasy! In the morning I use a hot cloth cleanser to remove it whilst I’m in the shower. My skin feels fresh and taut afterwards but in a good plump way rather than any feeling of tightness. In short, it feels like my skin but better…if I could get away with using it every day I would!

Then I’m free to face the day come rain or shine! (Or erm… go back to bed with a good book!)

How I'm Getting My Skin Summer Ready ft Liz Earle

So that’s how I’m getting my skin summer ready. Are you thinking ahead to the Summer season yet?


*DISCLAIMER: I was very kindly gifted a selection of Liz Earle products by the wonderful team at my local John Lewis in Peterborough Queensgate Shopping Centre and can’t thank them enough for once again allowing me to try out the latest and greatest from the ever expanding range. Rest assured thought that this review is not sponsored and as per usual, nothing gets the Loved By Laura stamp of approval unless I truly love it myself.

P.s. Did I mention that all Liz Earle products are 100% cruelty free? Well that makes me even more of a happy bunny!







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