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Taking A Break Life Lately

Hey my lovelies, how are you all? It’s been ages since we had a catch up and I shared a little bit of life lately. So let’s do it – you make the coffee, I’ll slice the cake!

Being a Girlboss (most of the time)

On an average week I work a full time job (doing my best to Girlboss it) then in the evenings and on weekends I produce 3 blog posts a week. I also travel around the country for blog events or to catch up with friends. Most of the time this non stop hectic lifestyle is how I love to live, but sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes, in fact, I just want to put on my pajamas, slob in front of trash TV with a totally non-Instagrammable but convenient as hell microwave meal, sip on a glass of rosé and consume a large amount of chocolate.

Taking A Break

Last week I decided to do all of these things for the first time in ages. N had flown out to Amsterdam for a four day weekender with the boys and I decided to make the most of a free house by booking off the Friday and taking a break all to myself.

“Ooh what do you have planned?” one of my colleagues asked me. “Nothing!” I replied rather smugly.

Life Lately

Here were my highlights:

I discovered that that the series I’m listening to on Audiobook at the moment (Outlander by Diana Gabaldon) has been made into a TV show so I binge watched almost an entire season. It’s part romance (read/watch it and you’ll soon want your own Jamie!), part fantasy, part historical adventure – perfect for a girls night in.

My healthy post workout breakfast waffles (recipe here) turned into a significantly less healthy lunch because I was having far too much fun cutting them into hearts and decorating them. I didn’t care because they tasted sha-mazing!

Taking A Break Life Lately

I had a go at tempering chocolate and it actually worked, so I made chocolate baubles and created my own showstopper dessert Masterchef style. (Head over to my Instagram for a sneak peek ahead of a post all about it next week.)

Taking A Break Life Lately

When I did eventually leave the house after running out of coffee (rookie mistake) the next cuppa tasted even better than normal.

Taking A Break Life Lately

I confirmed that my cats are excellent company. They’re good listeners and enjoy much of the same things that I do on a day off. (Sleeping and eating in front of the tv mostly, occasionally prone to short bursts of energy). However they will nick my food given half a chance and will occasionally throw up at my feet to show how much they care.

Taking A Break Life Lately

I spent so much time having long pampering showers that my fingers did the whole ‘shrivelled prune’ thing, but I’d just bought the most delicious smelling Body Wash from Soap and Glory so I had to make the most of it.

Taking A Break Life Lately

I made Frosé slushies: rosé wine frozen into ice cubes then whizzed in a blender with vodka, strawberries and grenadine.

Taking A Break Life Lately

Then I drank the Frosé slushies. Happy days.

Taking A Break Life Lately

(Oh and I also thoroughly cleaned and tidied the house, weeded the garden, got my car serviced and sorted out six months of paperwork… but that’s all a bit boring isn’t it?!)

So as it turns out, most of the time the best thing to do is seize the day, but every now and again it’s just as good to seize a cosy blanket and the remote!

Taking A Break Life Lately


Do you find worth in taking a break every so often? What’s your favourite way to spend your free time?




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