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liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

The Liz Earle skincare range has taken on something of a cult status in the beauty world in recent years. It’s a British brand established back in 1995 that has gone from strength to strength based upon a foundation of responsibly sourced natural ingredients and cruelty free principles. I was absolutely delighted to be able to try it out for myself on behalf of my local John Lewis in Peterborough Queensgate Shopping Centre who stock the Liz Earle collection in store and online.

liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

As a result over the past few weeks I’ve ramped up my skincare routine to previously unseen levels of indulgence and I’ve got to tell you, it’s been hard! (Just kidding, it’s been sheer bliss!)

Liz Earle Skincare Review

So if you’ve always wanted to try something from the range but weren’t sure where to start, hopefully my roundup and review will help you to decide!

The Daily Routine – Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

Let’s dive straight in and talk about the most iconic product from the range shall we? Yes, it’s the much raved about Hot Cloth Cleanser!

You apply a couple of pumps of the creamy formula to dry skin and then use a muslin cloth warmed in hot water to remove it again. The cleanser feels luxurious upon application and a little goes a long way. It has been tackling the daily grime and the light makeup that I wear with ease.

As I’m already lucky enough to have very clear skin I can’t report seeing a radical transformation after using this. For me it’s more about how my skin feels after using it, and in that regard it certainly does live up to the hype; my skin feels baby soft, clean and refreshed.

The fragrance is quite medicinal owing to the rosemary, chamomile, and eucalyptus essential oils (these all help to soothe and purify angry skin). Being a fan of aromatherapy, I find the scent calming but I think it might be an acquired taste!

liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

Gentle Face Exfoliator

I don’t tend to exfoliate my face as I’ve got sensitive skin and I’m always quite scared of treating it too harshly. However I’ve found this one to be very gentle. It’s got a fresh minty smell and the consistency is again quite buttery, with very fine Jojoba Beads which don’t feel at all scratchy. I think this will come into it’s own in Winter when my skin is much drier and needs a bit more attention to buff away dead skin cells, but for now I’m just using it once a week.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic

I’ll be honest, I’m usually naughty and skip the ‘tone’ part of my skincare routine! It’s an important step though as it helps close your pores and restore your skin’s PH balance after cleansing. I’ve therefore made a concerted effort to use it every day and have found it to be a perfect compliment to the Hot Cloth Cleanser. It feels really refreshing which is especially welcome since it’s been so hot and sticky recently which has made my skin a bit more oily than usual.

Again it’s very natural with rose-scented geranium, calendula and cucumber but the overriding fragrance that I pick out is the aloe vera. It’s really soothing on my skin but not a scent that I’m keen on personally!

Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion

I can’t recommend this one enough if you’ve got sensitive eyes. I’ve had bad reactions to eye makeup remover in the past and most of the ones that I can use still leave my eyes feeling claggy and puffy. This one does exactly what it says on the bottle though – it’s really gentle and refreshing and yet removes my mascara with no bother at all.

Skin Repair Moisturiser

I haven’t given this one too much of a road test yet as it’s quite a rich cream and I think it’s going to be better suited to use in the Winter months when my skin craves more hydration – expect a full review as the weather gets colder!

The Superskin Range

liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

As much as I love the Hot Cloth Cleanser, the standout products for me come from the Superskin Range. The range is formulated using natural anti-ageing ingredients to help lift, firm, hydrate and plump the skin and I’ve been very impressed with their quality.

I received the Superskin Face Serum but have only used that once so far so I’m going to give that more of a lengthy road test before sharing my thoughts on it, but the following have quickly become an integral part of my daily routine:

Superskin Eye Cream

My all time no.1 ‘I practically cried when it ran out and had to repurchase it immediately’ eye cream is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue (reviewed here). The Superskin Eye Cream, however, is a serious contender for it’s crown! They are a very similar consistency, both glide on smoothly and each keep the delicate skin around my eyes hydrated and smooth. Charlotte Tilbury has the edge on packaging, but Liz Earle is £5 cheaper for the same amount, so I’d call it a draw overall.

MY TOP PICK | Superskin Concentrate For Night

If you could only afford to try one Liz Earle product to start off with, then this would be my recommendation.

If you’ve ever had an aromatherapy facial at a luxury spa where they massage warm oil onto your skin then this is as close as you’re going to get to that at home! It’s a complete sensory experience of 100% plant oils including with neroli, rosehip, lavendar and argan oil.

The concentrate itself is an oily but almost watery in consistency so it’s best applied to your hands over the sink to avoid any mess. You warm it up in your hands before massaging it upwards and outwards over your cheeks, forehead, chin and neck. I actually look forward to my night time routine now because I know that it ends with this!

liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

It doesn’t take too long for the concentrate to sink in and the aromas are very calming – perfect for applying just before bed time to help you relax and drift off.

By the way, if you have oily skin and think that an oil won’t be suited to you, remember that whilst they add moisture to dry skin, they are also really good at helping to balance out combination or oily skin too. Basically by applying a ‘good’ oil to your skin it helps to discourage the production of excess oils overnight.

…and finally!

My perfume collection is getting a bit out of hand now (you can find my guide to scents here) but I was happy to make some room for this little beauty!

Botanical Essence No.20

liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

liz earle skincare review john lewis queensgate peterborough

The scent itself is a bit more flowery than I would normally choose and I wasn’t too keen on it at first, but it has grown on me after a couple of wears. It starts off with slightly talcy, sweet top notes, but once these wear off deeper, duskier base notes emerge. Overall it’s a very wearable feminine daytime perfume.

I hope you enjoyed my Liz Earle Skincare Review! Have you tried anything from the Liz Earle collections? What would you pick up first?


Disclaimer: My Liz Earle Skincare Review contains gifted items, however all views shared are completely honest and my own. I have to say a huge thank you to John Lewis, Queensgate for giving me the opportunity to try the iconic range and share my thoughts on it with you.







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