Fight the Frizz | Natural World Brazilian Keratin Review*

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Haircare Review

I wish my hair was like Emma Watson’s… but it definitely has more in common with Hermione Granger! If left to dry naturally it corkscrews into tight curls at the front and goes wavy at the sides, whilst the merest hint of humidity results in a frizzy explosion reminiscent of Monica Gellar in Barbados. The kind folks at Natural World recently got in touch to ask if I’d like to try out their Brazilian Keratin range which is designed with just these sort of problems in mind, so I’ve been putting them through their paces over the past month.

What is Brazilian Keratin?

Keratin is the main protein structure in our hair and when the outer layer becomes damaged it results in coarse, damaged and dry hair. Brazilian Keratin has been used in straightening treatments for years as it helps to repair the damage in the hair’s cuticle layer, smoothing it out to combat frizz and restore shine.

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy Shampoo

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Haircare Review

The shampoo is almost scentless which is the only downside for me as I love a good sensory experience, but it does work up into a luxurious velvety lather. If I have time I like to give my scalp a massage with it to help increase the blood circulation and stimulate new hair growth. It rinses out really quickly and cleanly which is perfect for me as 9 times out of 10 I’m in a rush in the morning!

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Conditioner

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Haircare Review

Sometimes I find the consistency of conditioners are too thick and sticky which can be a bit of a challenge with my long thick hair. Thankfully this one is nice and creamy which makes it easy to distribute. I’ve found that it works best when I follow the instructions and leave it to soak in for 3 or 4 minutes before removing and makes it a breeze to brush my wet hair afterwards with no troublesome tangles.

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Haircare Review

Using the combination of the shampoo and conditioner over the past month has left my hair in great condition and I could swear that it feels a bit stronger too. When I leave my hair to dry naturally I haven’t had too much of a problem with frizzy bits as long as I give it a brush through whilst wet, so I’m pleased with that as I like to avoid having to tame it with heated appliances as often as possible.

Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Therapy Hair Treatment Oil

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Haircare Review

I wrote a post a couple of months back in which I tried a hair oil for the first time and enjoyed the results. The only downside of that one was that I could only use a couple of spritzes, otherwise my hair turned into an oil slick.

My favourite pick from the Brazilian Keratin range (and also the one I’m most likely to repurchase) is the Smoothing Therapy Hair Treatment Oil.

It doesn’t really feel like an oil when you use it, it’s got more of a watery consistency and almost all of the product transfers onto your hair rather than leaving your hands covered. I find this a big plus point and it means that I can really work it through my hair.

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Haircare Review

I still only use a very sparing amount on the short flyaways close to the roots of my hair to tame them, but I can apply a bit more to the mid section and ends which tames and softens the coarse frizzy bits.

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Haircare Review

Overall I’m really pleased with the results and the best part is that all of the products in the range are priced at under a fiver, leaving me with more money to spend on a good haircut!

Find the range online here or in your local Superdrug.

Have you tried any Brazilian Keratin products? What do you use to fight the frizz?


*The items in this post were kindly provided by Natural World, but as always all views expressed are completely honest and my own.

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