A Short Stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

I was invited to a cocktail tasting in London a few weeks back so N and I decided to stop over in the city. The cocktail bar was in Farringdon, an area I’d discovered on our last escape to the city when we stayed at a gorgeously romantic hotel called The Rookery (review here). We could have stayed there again but I like go somewhere different each time I travel so this time we decided to try the Malmaison London hotel.

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

I wasn’t actually planning to write about it on here since it was such a whistle-stop stay, but I fell so completely in love with the place that I took a tonne of photos and couldn’t help but share my find with you, so here we are!

The Malmaison London Hotel

The entrance to the hotel is rather discreet so when our Maps navigation delivered us successfully to the entrance we somehow decided it wasn’t the right place. We promptly retraced our steps, only to end up back at the same place 15 minutes later with me regretting having worn my heels for the journey! Luckily it’s got a pretty seating area outside so I was able to take a load off whilst N found our booking information.

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

We noted that there was some building work going on in the green opposite the hotel but once inside we couldn’t hear it and the general area was quietly nestled down a side street.

The big reception area had funky brightly coloured chairs, a union jack rug on the floor, glossy black surfaces and tulips all around. We were soon checked in and on our way up to the fourth floor to find our room.

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

Club Room

I’d opted for a Club Room because London hotel rooms can be quite small and my ‘Laura logic’ had set in. This is the part of me that tells myself that since I’m already paying a small fortune for the room an extra £30 wouldn’t hurt. I hadn’t expected it to be quite so big though – it was split into two sections connected by a hallway, with the first section being a lounge area.

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

Across the corridor was a spacious bedroom with a beautiful Eames chair, a plush throw on the bed and a second flatscreen tv. In fact the whole place was so aesthetically pleasing that I could have done a little happy dance. I resisted the urge to Instagram everything in sight. (Actually no I didn’t, although I did manage to not post every single one all at once).

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

I love exploring hotel rooms and looking in the doors and cupboards for hidden treats and special touches. I couldn’t help smiling at the little details throughout this one. The door keycard said “Stick with me I’ll get you places” and the breakfast room service sign advised “unless you’re wheeling my bed downstairs I’ll eat in here”.

One thing that can make or break a hotel room for me is the bathroom and I was pleased to find that ours was spotless with a large walk in shower complete with a rainfall showerhead, a heated towel rail and a huge sink. Even the bathroom toiletries made me laugh.

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

Posh Sandwiches and Trashy TV

We were starving but short for time so we ordered room service. No matter where I am, if I see fish finger sandwiches on the menu I have to order them. These were some of the poshest sarnies I’ve eaten with chunky breaded pieces of fish and lashings of tartare sauce and ketchup. N polished off a BLT.

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

When we got back from the cocktail tasting (which I’ll post about later this week!) we decided that the best way to end the day would be to watch trashy tv in our very plush bed, so we ordered drinks up to the room. It was actually really nice not to rush around as we usually always try and cram 101 things into our stay. This time we chucked the itinerary out of the window and enjoyed mastering the relaxing art of doing nothing.

Chez Mal Brasserie and Bar

The next day we had a lie in and were so slow at getting ready that it was close to lunch before we checked out, so we headed downstairs to Malmaison’s restaurant, Chez Mal Brasserie and Bar.

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

The price of the meals was a bit steep and I debated whether I could justify £11 on a plate of tomato, basil and mozzarella pasta, but when it arrived I had to admit that it was bloody good and tasted freshly made! N opted for a burger… he always does! I asked him for his review of the food: “Yeah, it’s nice.”

A short stay at the Malmaison London Hotel

The Verdict

All in all we had a great stay. If you’re going to pay upwards of £200 for a nice hotel room then the extra touches count and this place certainly delivered. I think it’s rightly rated as a 4 star hotel as it doesn’t reach the all out decadent luxury of a 5 star, but it’s got everything you need.

Since I tend to get rather overexcited about things I asked N what he thought of the hotel so that I could give you all a balanced review: “Yeah, it’s nice.” he said. Men. I think if we stayed at Buckingham Palace I’d get the same response.

Please note that this post is not sponsored or written in collaboration with the hotel, I just thought it was worth sharing after a lovely stay!

Malmaison London Hotel

Nearest tube: Farringdon, 5 minute walk

Address: 18-21 Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6AH

Visit the website: Malmaison London

Do you enjoy mini hotel breaks? Let me know if you have any recommendations!


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