Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

Sometimes I snack because I’m hungry, sometimes because I’m bored and often out of pure habit! I don’t think I’ll ever cut out snacking completely as I enjoy eating too much, but I do try to make healthy choices.

My all time favourite snack is raw carrot and pepper slices with some red pepper hummus. I find it refreshing, super crunchy and filling, but sometimes even the tiny bit of peeling and chopping required for this snack feels like too much effort. This is when the temptation creeps in to just grab a chocolate bar instead.

With that in mind I’ve been keeping my eye out for healthy snacks which take as little time as possible to prepare. Here are a few of my recent favourites.

Munchy Seeds Crunchy Bites | Available Here

Although I know they’re really good for you, I find the normal seeds that you can buy in the health food aisle of the supermarket really bland.

I discovered Munchy Seeds at last year’s Good Food Show. They take those bland seeds and pack in flavour by roasting them in savoury sauces or coating them. After sampling all of their selection I ended up buying a huge tub of their Crunchy Bites which have a rich savoury taste.

Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

I take a few handfuls of these into work in a sandwich bag to munch on if I get a bit peckish before lunch, or I eat a spoonful or two when I get home to stave off hunger pangs before dinner.

Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

Health Benefits: Seeds are highly nutritious and help keep your hair, teeth and nails strong and healthy. They’re a great source of fibre and protein too and many are gluten free.

Nut Butter on Corn Cakes | Pip & Nut Butter Available Here* | Kallo Corn Cakes Available Here

Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

Pip & Nut were kind enough to send me their selection of nut butters to try and I’ve become obsessed with their newest addition to the range: Honey Cinnamon Cashew Butter.

I drizzle a teaspoonful over a Kallo Corn Cake for a really quick but deeply satisfying snack. The sweetness of the nut butter keeps my sugar cravings in check and the corn cakes are really filling despite only being 26 kcals each.

Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

I’ve ended up having 3 of these for my lunch a couple of times and they’ve done a good job of keeping me going all afternoon.

Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

I also confess to eating a spoonful of the peanut butter on it’s own a couple of times… is anyone else a fan of peanut butter straight from the spoon or is it just me?!

Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

Health Benefits: Nuts contain a significant amount of fat per serving but this shouldn’t put you off. Good fats help keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, plus they are a great energy source.

The Coconut Collaborative Dairy Free Yoghurts* | Available Here

Yoghurts are such an easy snack option, but some are really high in sugar so you have to pay attention to the labels.

Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

The Coconut Collaborative sent me a selection of their yoghurts which are made from the milk of the coconut and are free from dairy, gluten and soya. I find these really convenient for work since I can just stick one in the fridge when I arrive and have it for elevenses (elevenses are totally a thing in my office!).

Treats and Eats | Healthy Snack Ideas

They have a natural yoghurt option which I’ve found good for adding to smoothies or topped with fruit for breakfast, but my favourites are the Mango & Passionfruit and Raspberry flavours which contain a tangy compote and only natural sugars.

Health Benefits: Coconuts are rich in fibre, vitamins and healthy facts and are lactose free.

**By the way, it’s worth noting that I don’t actually like coconut itself due to the texture, but I’ve discovered that coconut milk, oil and water just taste sweet. If you don’t like coconut don’t be put off from trying it’s derivatives as you might be missing out on some really nutritious and delicious meals as a result!**

Are you a serial snacker? Have you got any healthy snack recommendations that I should try?

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