Beauty | My Soothing Winter Pick Me Ups for Tired Eyes

After the lie ins, lazy pj days and late nights between Christmas and New Year my body clock goes a bit haywire. I find it really difficult to wind down and get to sleep before 1am in the Winter months which only makes it harder to wake up in the morning.

We’re in the process of giving our bedroom a makeover and I’m hoping that the peaceful haven we’re creating will encourage me to go to bed and fall asleep a bit earlier. In the meantime I have to settle for some quick pick me ups to help soothe my tired eyes and perk me up for the day ahead.

Read on for my recommendations.

Cooling Eye Gel Mask

Beauty | My Soothing Winter Pick Me Ups for Tired Eyes

A while back I spotted an eye gel mask in the gift section of my local garden centre and couldn’t resist buying it. I keep it refrigerated and pop it on in the morning when I wake up, then lie back down for 10 minutes (or I wear it whilst I’m brushing my teeth if I’m in a rush!). It rests over the eye area rather than moulding into the contours so it isn’t 100% effective at reducing puffiness, but the cooling sensation is soothing and refreshing.

Merumaya Intensely Youthful Eye Serum*

Beauty | My Soothing Winter Pick Me Ups for Tired Eyes

Merumaya were kind enough to send me their Intensely Youthful Eye Serum last year so I have been putting that to good use too. It contains Echium Oil which is a 100% plant based anti inflammatory which I’ve found effective at providing an immediate tightening of the skin around my eyes. I also find it reassuringly delicate as my eyes can be hyper sensitive to products but this one feels very natural on my skin.

Beauty | My Soothing Winter Pick Me Ups for Tired Eyes

I had a few initial problems with the amount of cream being dispensed at first, but Merumaya were very helpful and recommended placing my finger beneath the pump and pressing gently to restrict how much pumps out. It’s a bit fiddly but works much better!

I haven’t been too keen on applying makeup over the top of the cream as I noticed a bit of peeling when I did this, but again Merumaya have clarified that to help avoid this I should apply a thin layer and allow it to dry before applying another if needed, as this helps the product settle on the skin more easilly.

Dr Pierre Ricaud Neck & Decolletage Lifting Cream

Beauty | My Soothing Winter Pick Me Ups for Tired Eyes

Another discovery I’ve made recently through one of my beauty subscription boxes is the Neck & D√©colletage Lifting Cream from Pierre Ricaud.

It’s described as a lifting cream for the neck area with anti ageing properties to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I thought I’d mention it here simply because it has a gorgeous flowery scent which reminds me of spring and helps to put me in a great mood for the day ahead. Especially as I get another gorgeous waft of the fragrance when I take my scarf off at work!

Beauty | My Soothing Winter Pick Me Ups for Tired Eyes


Last but not least, I drink a bottle of ice cold water before bedtime every night. Not only does water help keep your skin hydrated when your heating is doing it’s best to dry out your skin, but it also cleanses your body and boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories as you sleep. I never actually realise how many benefits it has until I miss a night and then I really know about it!

Do you feel more tired and sluggish in Winter? What are your top pick me ups for tired eyes?

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