My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

I’m currently waiting with anticipation for the arrival of January’s My Little Box. In the meantime I thought I’d share the contents of December’s box as in my opinion it’s the best one so far.

Just before I do so however, here’s a quick word on subscription boxes and why I haven’t been posting about mine recently:

When I find a product or brand that I like I’m fiercely loyal and want to support it. It therefore makes me sad to admit that I was considering cancelling my subscription to My Little Box last November. The main issue with beauty boxes is that you can’t pick the contents, so not everything you get is going to suit everyone’s tastes. I’ve always found it a pleasure to receive and open the boxes I’ve received, but a pre-Christmas sort out made me realise just how many things I’d accumulated but never used.

The arrival of the December 2015 My Little Box had me thanking my lucky stars that I hadn’t cancelled however, thanks to the inclusion of a cult item from the premium makeup brand Nars and some extra touches that really stepped up the game.

Read on to see what was inside…

Lifestyle Contents

The theme for the box was ‘Magic’ and if you download an app for your phone and hold it over the illustrations on the box, the figures come to life and start dancing, which is a clever little interactive extra. The contents of the box follow a navy and gold colour scheme which is perfect for the time of year.

Heat Retaining Mittens

The first lifestyle item is a pair of midnight blue mittens with golden thread flecked through. They won’t keep my fingers warm but will come in handy for when I brave the cold to take some outdoor photos.

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars
My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

Kusmi Tea | £14.90 for 125g | Available here

Next is a pot of tea, which unfortunately I can’t really get excited over because I don’t drink much tea. What I can tell you is that it smells great, so (I probably shouldn’t actually admit this) I’ve been using it as pot pourri! The tin is also very pretty so it would make a great gift for a tea connoisseur.

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars
My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

That was the lifestyle items, but now come the best bits!

Beauty Contents

Makeup Bag

Instead of the usual drawstring bag, this time the beauty goodies were inside a beautiful denim zip up makeup bag. It’s decorated with gold polka dots on one side and silhouettes of vintage perfume bottles, lipstick and nail polish on the other side. A girl can only find so many uses for drawstring bags so it was good to see something different this time around.

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

My Little Beauty Nail Polish Duo

The blue shade is an inky midnight tone which I loved so much that I ended up wearing it all over Christmas (as seen in this post). I really liked the brush applicator too as it’s nice and flat which helps to give a nice even coverage.

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

Rituals Body Lotion | Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk | £6 for 70ml | Available here

This has a great scent which is really light and delicate. The lotion seems quite thick when you apply it but it absorbs quickly and is probably the best I’ve found for leaving skin soft but without a trace – no greasy residue whatsoever.

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

Nars Blush | Shade: Orgasm | £23 rrp | Available here

I always browse the Nars makeup counter whilst in Space NK or Selfridges, but since it’s a premium makeup brand it’s hard to know which piece to invest in first. Thus when I reached into the makeup bag one last time and pulled out their bestselling cult classic blusher I was seriously impressed. I did not wait until I’d taken a photo, I had to try it immediately. I’m happy to report that it’s a beautiful colour and certainly does give me a healthy, rosy cheeked glow!

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

Worth £23, the box was more than paid for by this alone.

Another thing elevating this box from ‘good’ to ‘fabulous’ was the return of the glossy magazine, which feels far more premium than the cumbersome fold out paper editions that had featured since the summer.

The Loved By Laura Verdict

This is by far the best box I’ve received so far. I really hope that this is the start of a new direction for My Little Box as I’d love to see more cult products from leading make up and beauty brands featured alongside the gorgeous lifestyle items that they do so well.

Let’s hope that January’s edition can live up to this one.

But don’t go yet – there’s more Nars!

Usually my post would end here, but you may remember from this post that I attended a little Christmas soiree held by the My Little Box team in December and received a special goody bag for being a loyal subscriber.

A lot of what I received was My Little Beauty own brand which is STILL not available to buy in the UK, so there’s not much point in my reviewing them for you (although naturally I’ve included a pretty picture or three, I couldn’t resist!). I fed this back to the My Little Box team at the party as I’d love to be able to repurchase some of the items that I’ve received in my boxes in the past year.

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars
My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars
My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

However, I also received this beauty:

Nars Audacious Lipstick | Shade: Vanessa | £24 rrp | Available here 

This lipstick is a little bit special. Before I had even tried it on I fell in love with the packaging. The lid is magnetic, so it snaps back into place. It feels luxurious and befitting of the price tag.

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

Then there’s the colour. As I mentioned in my recent Charlotte Tilbury review I’ve been searching for a nude shade. This is (by complete fluke since I didn’t even choose it myself) ‘The One’ for me. The tone lifts my complexion rather than washing it out and the texture is creamy and smooth so it applies well in one sweep. I needed to blot my lips after using it as the colour is really dense but this means it lasts for ages. I’m more than a little bit in love.

My Little Magic Box Review | December 2015 ft Nars

…so thanks to My Little Box, I have expanded my premium makeup brand horizons and can now count myself as a bit of a NARSissist. And that’s why I haven’t cancelled my subscription. Fingers crossed for more where this came from… here’s hoping.

What do you think of the products included in my review? Are you a fan of subscription boxes?

My Little Box is a monthly subscription costing £14.95 (including postage and packing). You can find out more here

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