#giftmas | Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas 2015 Cat Collection*

Hi, I’m Laura! I like yummy food, cocktails, comic book tv shows and cats. I also love sparkly jewellery and beautiful makeup but I’m just as likely to squeal over the packaging. Imagine then, my reaction upon receiving a surprise care package in the post from Paul & Joe Beaute and opening it up to find this inside!

#giftmas | Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas Cat Collection Review

Excuse me for a moment whilst I jump up and down and clap my hands like an excited seal pup. Arf arf arf. Erm… sorry about that. Anyway, they have managed to combine some of my favourite things: makeup with the prettiest pastel packaging and a cat theme. It’s not surprising really since they’re a Parisian brand and I adore a bit of Parisian chic!

#giftmas | Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas Cat Collection Review

I should mention that the beautiful makeup bag is part of the set, but you’re probably more interested in what’s inside, so let’s take a look!

What’s inside:

1 x creamy cheek colour.

This is a rosy coloured liquid blush. Blend 3 tiny dots on the apples of each cheek and you’ll be left with the prettiest rosy glow. Don’t put on too much though or you’ll look like you’ve run a hard 10 miles (I’ve been there). I have been wearing this regularly for the past two months and I’m still in love with it. It’s completely matte and therefore very natural in appearance.

#giftmas | Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas Cat Collection Review

5 x eyeshadow sheets.

I really wasn’t sure about these at first. They looked very cute in their packaging but I didn’t like the idea of eyeshadow on a sheet rather than in a nice solid container. Plus the sheets looked very thin so I figured that I’d get a couple of samples of each shadow and that would be it.

I’ve been been pleasantly surprised however. There’s a lot of powder packed onto each sheet and it’s highly pigmented. The colour is long lasting too and glides on without any creasing. Plus these are so small that they take up no room whatsoever when I’m travelling. I’ve been using the cream and the dark brown shades for a month now and they’re still going strong.

#giftmas | Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas Cat Collection Review

#giftmas | Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas Cat Collection Review


A nice charcoal black with yet more gorgeous packaging – cat faces, cat masks and gold lettering.

#giftmas | Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas Cat Collection Review

I’ve managed to create a nice cats eye flick due to the super fine tip on this one.

Lip Balm.

Finally there’s a lip balm, again in an attractive tin. It has a nice thick consistency and a slightly minty taste. I’ve used it a couple of  times and haven’t found it too sticky which is always a plus, but I’m not really a big lip balm fan so there’s not too much else I can say, other than that it’s a very generous size so would last for ages.

#giftmas | Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas Cat Collection Review

#giftmas | Paul & Joe Beaute Christmas Cat Collection Review

I have to take my hat off to Paul & Jo for this gift set, it manages to be super cute and edgy all at the same time and I’m finding it to be very good quality.

It gets my Loved By Laura stamp of approval, so if you’re still looking for Christmas gift ideas I think this would go down well with any makeup/cat lovers out there.

Shop the post:

Paul & Joe Christmas 2015 Cat Makeup Collection | £35 | Available in 2 colours

Made by: Paul & Joe
Buy it here: ASOSRoosbeach

What do you think of the gift set? And how are you getting on with your own Christmas shopping?

Thanks also to Paul & Joe who very kindly gifted this to me and were generally very lovely people to speak to!


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