Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats

I haven’t done a Treats Tweets and Eats roundup for ages so here we go with a fresh one. I’ve got a brand new section for you too: Meets!


Recently I was invited to the L’Occitane Cambridge store for a blogger’s private shopping event hosted by Olivia and Lauren. The promise of cocktails, cupcakes and fabulous jewellery was too good to resist and what with my love for the brand anyway, I practically skipped onto the train after work.

Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats | L'Occitane

After an unfortunate incident on the journey (my contact lens broke in my eye – OMG pain!!!) I arrived at the store. It was one of those perfect chilled evenings where we chatted, got a bit pampered and tested out lots of the L’Occitane ranges.

Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats | L'Occitane

I picked up a pampering gift set for my friend’s birthday and fell in love with this Néroli & Orchidée Candle. It was a little on the pricey side at £24 but is a nice chunky candle with 30hrs burning time so I treated myself! The aroma is so calming; it reminds me of the scents used in spa treatment rooms. I haven’t been at home much this month so I’m looking forward Sunday, when I’ll be running a hot bath, lighting my candle and having an indulgent pamper session.

Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats | L'Occitane
I spent just over £40 and was thrilled to discover that this meant that I qualified for a free bonus goodie bag. And WHAT a goodie bag, I can’t believe how much was packed into it. This was all free!

Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats | L'Occitane


Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats | L'Occitane

Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats | L'Occitane
My blogger/woman logic tells me I actually SAVED money…ish.

Lauren was also on hand displaying the latest beautiful jewellery collections from Stella & Dot. A lot of their pieces can be worn multiple ways with extra bits that you can clip on or hook off and it’s all very versatile. I had to resist the urge to splurge as I’d already been naughty, but I’m eyeing up a couple of pieces for when I next deserve a treat!

Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats | L'Occitane

(Namely this bag: WANT!!!)

Hudson Tote | Stella & Dot



I was crying with laughter this week after trying out a game that went viral on social media. You basically have to Google your name and the words “Glamour Shots” and are supposed to change your profile picture to the first image that comes up.


Vix ( liked the game so much that she Tweeted about it and loads of people joined in. Highly entertaining for an hour! Admittedly it got a bit boring after a while (it turns out that a lot of the pictures appear under multiple names) but if you want a quick laugh go try it…it’s a bit addictive.


A couple of months ago Hayley of London Beauty Queen launched the 30 Plus Blog Collective and recently I attended her ‘meet and eat’ celebration dinner at Pescatori Italian & Seafood Restaurant, Fitzrovia. 

The place was packed to the rafters with bloggers, career  women and entrepreneurs. We mingled over wine, learned about each other’s blogs and businesses over dinner, then Hayley opened the floor for questions and discussion. We ended up debating some really meaty topics (Hayley is as straight talking as they come!).

Usually I take lots of pictures at events but I took the night off, relaxed and had fun. I did have to take a shot of my place setting though, isn’t it cute that they hand drew my blog header?

Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats | L'Occitane

Here’s a few of the inspirational women I met:

  • Nikki Taylor, a beauty brand expert with over 30 years experience in the industry. (Anyone at Scarlett London’s Blog Festival this past Saturday may have spotted her on the Nanshy stand!)
  • Sara Hill, an entrepreneur who has designed and launched TreatNOW, a mobile app that allows you to quickly find and book last minute beauty appointments in London.
  • Nidhima Kohli, the founder of, which matches you to your perfect beauty products and then shows you the best prices. (It turns out that I should be buying ALL the M.A.C. Figures.)
I caught my train home by a whisker, because I’d been enjoying myself too much to leave early!


Finally, I’ve been eating burgers. All the burgers.

Treats, Tweets, Meets and Eats | Homemade Burgers
Homemade are the best. 
Brioche buns take it to another level. 
Oozy cheese and sweet onion complete the trifecta of awesomeness! 
There is not much more I can say other than at some point I may need an intervention.

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