The Autumn Skincare Transition | SBC Review*

SBC (Simply Beautiful Collection) are a Suffolk based company who produce eco friendly skincare and beauty products online and via the QVC shopping channel. They use natural ingredients, keep the packaging to a minimum and do not test on animals which is always a big tick in the box for me.

Last month they very kindly sent me a selection of their products to try including 3 moisturisers from their ACE range. These are designed to combat signs of fatigue, brighten your complexion and help address signs of ageing, all things I look for in a good face cream. Each contain moisture boosting Vitamin A, brightening Vitamin C and refining Vitamin E, for soft supple skin, as well as Tomato, Olive and Fennel oils to promote a more supple, firmer appearance. 

If I like a product I usually wait until it’s finished before moving on to the next one, but with the change in season I’ve ended up getting use out of all three of these. Here’s what I thought:

Vitamin ACE Skincare Gel | £25 for 250ml

In summer my skin gets a bit oily with the humidity and I don’t enjoy putting anything on my skin as it has a tendency to feel claggy. However as I get older I’m increasingly conscious that I need to treat my skin well even when I’m not in the mood! This gel worked well for me at the end of August when the weather was still warm. It’s light consistency left my skin feeling refreshed and prepared for the day ahead, with a clean feeling and no stickiness.

It can be used on your body too and is lovely and cooling, but with the £25 price tag I stuck to using this on my face so that I could get maximum use from it. That way the 250ml bottle should last for ages and make it very cost effective in the long run.

Vitamin ACE Hydra-Gel Serum | £37 for 30ml

As the weather turns cooler I turn up my skincare regime. My skin needs more care as the temperature fluctuates, especially when moving from the warmth of indoors to chilly outside and back again. I switched to the Hydra-Gel Serum early in September.

It’s described as an intense serum but you wouldn’t know it when you put it on as it sinks the skin beautifully and a small amount goes a long way. I have found it light enough in texture to wear during the day under my makeup and on most days I haven’t even bothered with foundation. My skin looks healthy and glowing without that oily shiny sheen that I hate. I definitely think it’s had a brightening effect.

Vitamin ACE Day and Night Cream | £29 for 100ml

For a really nourishing treat, I’ve been using the Vitamin ACE Day and Night Cream. I’m using this solely as a night cream at the moment, as it’s a  thicker texture and has a more oily consistency, although if you are prone to very dry skin (I tend to get patches in Winter that need extra nourishment) you could use this as a day cream. I slather it on before bed and feel confident that as it soaks in it’s doing lots of good things whilst I sleep.

All three of the moisturisers contain little pink beads called oxysomes, which is the delivery system for all that vitamin goodness. They are most noticeable in this cream though and the first time I applied it I panicked as I wasn’t sure what to do with the little pink dots on my face! However if you massage them in for a second they will melt right into your skin and leave behind a lovely soft texture.

Plus this cream looks so so pretty. I know that’s not really important. But you know, I couldn’t help but mention it!

Now onto body pampering!

Rose and Argan Oil Body Butter | £25 for 450ml

In colder weather I love to have a long hot shower or soak in the bath. These may feel luxurious, but the heat can have a drying effect on my skin so it’s needs an extra boost of moisture. I  therefore love a good body butter! This one smells of roses and is lovely and thick with added shea butter. It’s perfect for smoothing onto my legs before bedtime so that it can soak in all night and leaves them so deliciously soft that I can’t help touching them afterwards (or telling N to feel how smooth they are!).

In honesty I wouldn’t rush out and buy this one as for the £25 price tag I think that there are cheaper ones on the market that do a similar job for less, but it certainly does feel luxurious. If you can get it as part of a special offer then it’s worth trying it that way.

Overall thoughts

I’m really pleased with the items that SBC sent to me. The packaging is sturdy (and rather beautiful!) and the products have worked well on my sensitive skin. Although I enjoyed them all, the Hydra-Gel Serum is my favourite and the one that I will find myself repurchasing.

Note that I was sent a cleanser too, but I’m still working my way through my current one so that one has so far gone unused!

*The items in this post were kindly gifted to me in return for a review, however all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. You can read more on my review policy on my disclaimer page.




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