My Little Box Roundup | May June July 2015

My Little Box Roundup | May June July 2015

I’ve been subscribed to My Little Box for nearly a year now and I still look forward to the postman arriving with a new surprise parcel each month. In June, however, my box didn’t arrive so this post comes to you much later than planned. I’m pleased to say that I got a bumper July delivery instead when not one but two months boxes arrived on my doorstep.

The order date for the July box has subsequently closed but I still wanted to share a roundup of the recent boxes with you as it gives you a good idea of what you can expect to receive.

May | My Little Provence Box

The drawstring bag that usually contains 3 beauty products was packed with 5 this time. I really enjoy using L’Occitane shower gels as they smell gorgeous and make me look forward to my shower every morning. This one was very fresh and reminded me of the beach, perfect for a morning pick me up.

The hand and nail cream is a floral bouquet scent. It’s quite old fashioned but I adore it. The buttery formulation that leaves my hands feeling pampered even if I can’t use a touchscreen for a little while afterwards.

I was initially put off by the packaging of the two Verbena products. I don’t know why, but it gave me the impression that they would smell a bit unpleasant. Imagine my surprise when I sampled the lotion and discovered that it smells just like sherbet dip! I’m not sure it would be to everyone’s taste, but I just wanted to bathe in it!

 My Little Box Roundup | May June July 2015

The main lifestyle item this month was a metallic cuff. I think it looks great on it’s own, but you can jazz it up with embroidery if you’re so inclined. I’ve seen some great pictures on Instagram of people’s customised looks, whereas I’m lazy happy with mine as it is.

My Little Box Roundup | May June July 2015


The other lifestyle item was a pack of fridge magnets which went straight back in the box. My Little Box: please spend this money on a full sized product instead next time!


Mer & Mistral Shower Gel 50ml sample | L’Occitane en Provence
RRP £12 for 175ml | available here
Roses Et Reines Hand and Nail Cream 10ml sample | L’Occitane en Provence
RRP £8 for 30ml travel size | available here
Verbena Body Lotion 50ml sample | L’Occitance en Provence
RRP £20 for 250ml | available here
Verbena Leaf Soap | L’Occitance en Provence
RRP £4.50 for 75g | available here
Eyeshadow Crayon in Metallic Brown | My Little Beauty
Embroidery Cuff | My Little Box
meh £8


The only thing letting this box down is that the L’Occitane items are all sample or travel sized and as a compliment to L’Occitane, I just wanted more of each one! I’m pleased that I got such a variety though as I never would have tried the Verbena range otherwise.

June | My Little French Riviera Box

This box made me smile as soon as I opened the lid! The theme was executed to perfection with sea blue nail polish, a salty textured sea scrub and a very cute pair of retro sunglasses which I have made the most of this summer. Kerastase once again provided a hair care product to make it an instant winner in my eyes.

The only dud for me this month was the planters (or makeup pots). Granted they looked extremely cute, but the problem was that they were folded up in order to pack them so now they are all misshaped. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t get the creases out so they don’t stand up straight, hence I’m not using them!

My Little Box Roundup | May June July 2015


Sea Salt Fresh Scrub | My Little Beauty
RRP £8.50, 75ml
Blue Nail Polish | Loved By Sarah Lavoine
£6.50 | available here (in French!!)
Keratine Thermique Blow Dry Care | Kerastase
RRP £19.50 | available here
Sunglasses | Sarah Lavoine & My Little Box
Planters Duo | My Little Box


Even though they are a fun idea I won’t make use of the planters. The rest of the items more than make up for this.

July | My Little Road Trip Box

Last but not least we have July’s box of delights!

After following the rule that ‘darker is better’ for nail polish for many years, this year I’m obsessed with jewel tones and summer brights, so I was really pleased with the beautiful Essie coral shade I received. The aftersun gelee smells candylicious (I just totally made that word up!) and has a very light, airy texture which melts in my skin. Oh and the pretty pink packaging helps! 😉

The beauty elements to the box were topped off with the product that everyone seems to be talking about – Garnier’s Micellar water AND some temporary metallic tatoos. (As I write this I keep looking down at my risk and admiring my lovely dainty ‘bracelet’. I think I have a new addiction to temporary tattoos now!).

The BIC pen and notebook confused me at first as they seemed a bit of an odd thing to put in a summer’s gift box. Then I realised that the pen actually doubles as a stylus for your touch screen devices and the notebook folds up into a little postcode parcel – another very cute and clever little touch My Little Box!

Finally, there’s a travel wallet with plenty of pockets to hold all the essentials, all decorated in the distinct My Little Box style. I have just booked my first trip abroad in six years so my renewed passport is now safely stored inside.

My Little Box Roundup | May June July 2015
My Little Box Roundup | May June July 2015
My Little Box Roundup | May June July 2015


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water  
RRP £4.99, 400ml / RRP £1.99, 125ml | available here (and at other drugstores and supermarkets)
Nail Polish | Essie
RRP £7.99 per 13.5ml | available here
Summer Sorbet – After Sun Body Gelee | My Little Beauty
Travel Organiser | My Little Box
Golden Temporary Tattoo Set | DCER
£3.50 | available here
Cristal Stylus Pen | BIC
found available here for cheapest price
Ready to Send Notebook | BIC & My Little Box Special Edition Collaboration


I really can’t fault this box. It’s a perfect fit for the summer and I’m already using every single item. It’s my favourite of the last 3 months.

So that brings to a close my roundup of the last 3 My Little Boxes. For the price of the box I’m still in love with the concept and still happy paying my subscription fee each month. The only thing I would comment upon is that the My Little Beauty products do not yet ship to the UK, so if you do find a product you love in a box there is no opportunity to repurchase it.

My Little Box is a monthly subscription costing £14.95 (including postage and packing). You can find out more here

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