Finding A Little Me Time

Finding A Little Me Time | Victoria Plumb

lately has been busy, full and fabulous… but a little bit exhausting too if
I’m being honest. Whilst I’m incredibly grateful for everything that has come my way recently and wouldn’t change it for the world, I do sometimes look at my
calendar and wonder when I’m going to get a spare
five minutes to myself.

such I’ve been making a concerted effort to make room for some downtime every now and again to relax and recharge my batteries.
Sometimes this is pottering
around the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe, or listening to an audiobook, but more often than not I settle for a good old indulgent pamper session!
The lovely people at Victoria Plum got in touch a few weeks ago and asked me to share my tips for unwinding
at the end of a long week, so here’s how I like to find a little ‘me time’.
1. No phones
am so very easily distracted and I’m constantly checking my
phone. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin, emails – there is always
something new to read
or someone to reply to. I’m learning to let go of my FOMO (Fear of
Missing Out) and accept that the world isn’t going to change all that much in the time that I’m offline. During pamper time I take myself off to the bathroom and leave my phone downstairs out of temptation’s reach. For an hour I am blissfully uninterrupted.
2. A soak in the tub
never used to be a fan of baths. I liked the idea of them, but in practice I always ended up getting a bit bored so I’d slosh around for a bit, then would start to plan what I was going to do when I got out again – my mind just doesn’t like to switch off and it’s not very relaxing!

Now, however, I have found the perfect bath-time companion to help me switch off for an hour: Pretty Little Liars! 

Finding A Little Me Time | Victoria Plumb

I know I’m about six years late, but I’ve finally begun watching
the first series on my tablet and am already addicted. N has absolutely no
desire to watch it so having a bath is the perfect excuse to tuck myself
away and escape for an hour into their world of fabulous houses, far too
attractive parents/teachers and incomprehensibly perfect hair and makeup!

3. Candles
obsessed with scented candles. I pop a couple in tealight holders around
my bath and it immediately creates a more indulgent, spa like atmosphere.

4. Hair and Face Masks

the week I only ever have time for a quick shower, but when I have a bath it’s the perfect
time to slather on a face mask whilst I watch my show. Sometimes I pop on a hair mask too – multitasking at it’s best!

Finding A Little Me Time | Victoria Plumb
5. Exfoliate and Moisturise
love to use a body scrub when I have the time, then I get out of the bath and coat myself in beautiful smelling body lotion. I put on foot cream too and then a really cosy pair of socks to allow it all to soak in.
Finding A Little Me Time | Victoria Plumb

6. The final step is to put on my comfy pjs… and carry on watching PLL from the comfort of my bed… because one episode is never enough!

How do you like to spend your ‘me time’? Do you find it hard to switch off?

This post was written in collaboration with Victoria Plum, who sent me the most gorgeous box* of goodies. I should probably be really cool about this, but I have to take a moment to gush because it was just so lovely and made my week!

Along with magazines, Soap & Glory lotions and a lovely soap dispenser from their accessories range, they also popped in one of my all time favourites: Yankee Candles in ‘Fluffy Towels’. The pièce de résistance was an Origins face mask! I’ve been dying to try out some Origins products after theellenextdoor’s recent rave reviews, so expect a post to tell you all about this very soon. Thanks so much Victoria Plumb, I can’t wait for my next pamper session now 🙂



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