Skin Saviours #1: April 15 & a Giveaway!

Skin Saviours #1 | April 15

With summer just around the corner, getting my skin in optimum condition has been top of my agenda this month. As always, sometimes life throws you a curveball, but I think I’m winning the battle with these skin saviours:

Bioclinica Plus Anti Wrinkle Cream*

I know that keeping up a good skincare routine can seem like an unnecessary step when you’re in your twenties but trust me when I say that prevention is better than cure! Those of us in our thirties would probably all like a time machine so that we can go back and tell our younger selves to start that anti ageing regime earlier on in life.

This month Tower Health sent me a new anti-ageing cream to try.

Skin Saviours #1 | April 15

Bioclinica Plus contains mineral extracts from pearls, silk and crystals along with clinically proven plant substances and collagen, which can contribute to tightening and firming of the skin.

I don’t usually wear a face cream during the day apart from in summer as I find them too oily. However a thin layer of this applies easily and absorbs quickly without leaving a shiny residue and has done a great job of keeping my skin moisturised so I’ve ended up using it day and night throughout April.

I haven’t noticed any significant difference in the appearance of fine lines around my eyes or on my forehead yet so I’m not sure I can vouch for the claims of ‘plumping and tightening’. However when I went for my eyebrow wax last week my beautician commented on how clear and healthy my skin was looking and asked me if I’d been doing anything different, so I’m chalking that up as a win!

For £9.95 I’m impressed. It’s a great dupe for my previous anti ageing favourite L’Occitane’s Immortelle Precious cream which I’m very thankful for since that costs £46 and I was dreading having to pay out for it again!

Enter my giveaway (below) for a chance to try it for yourself.

Water…and a straw!

I’m always investing in things that go ‘on’ my skin but I’ve always ignored the most basic step: drink more water. I find it boring and bland and regardless of what anyone else thinks, tap water does have a taste and I don’t like it!! Until this month, I didn’t drink any water at all as I don’t even like hot drinks.

(I have tried using Brita Filter for a while but soon got bored of having to refill it and change cartridges. Yes, I know that is lazy!).

In April I made a resolution to drink water regardless and have been downing the bottled stuff – Evian to be precise!

My secret weapon is the humble straw. Just like with alcohol (!) the straw means that I don’t have to taste it on the way down and is helping me to drink more. In great timing Bloglovin also just recommended this article on infused water recipes, so I’ve been enjoying strawberry infused water over the bank holiday (I tried adding cucumber but found it too bitter!).

I’m gradually increasing my water intake per day, so I’ll report back on progress next month hopefully!

Skin Saviours #1 | April 15

Compeed Cold Sore Patches

I absolutely hate talking about cold sores but I’m sharing the following with you because if it helps someone, then I’ll be happy.

*Sigh.* Here goes:

Whilst I’m blessed with naturally clear skin for the most part, I suffer from occasional, completely unpredictable bouts of cold sores on or around my lips. They leave me feeling miserable, dirty and uncomfortable in social situations. All I really want to do is stay home and hide for a week when I get one.

During an outbreak I used to just continuously heap on Blistex Relief Cream but it transpires that this only really helps at the tingle stage. What you then need to do is starve them of any moisture.

I discovered the Compeed Cold Sore Patches (£5.57 in Tescos) at the end of January and have used them during my last two outbreaks.

Skin Saviours #1 | April 15

At the first sign of one appearing I make sure that the area is clean and dry, then apply some antiseptic hand lotion to the area. Once this is dry I blot out any remaining moisture, stick on a Compeed patch and go about my day, removing it either at night time or the following morning and repeating the same steps again for 5 days. The patches can be a bit fiddly to apply and aren’t completely invisible, but I’d much rather be seen wearing one of these than with a huge unsightly blister on my face.

I don’t actually think that they heal any faster, but they heal *better*. Less blistering leading to less scarring and pain.

Something so small has had quite a big impact on my life. They’ve helped me to forget about the them and get on with life until they’re gone. I don’t have to worry about accidentally touching my face as the protection is always there, even when I’m asleep or in the shower. I only wish I’d tried them sooner.

*Okay icky part over – I can relax again now, thanks for staying with me if you got this far!*


Tower Health have kindly allowed me to run a giveaway so that one lucky reader can win a pot of Bio Clinica Cream to try out themselves. The giveaway will be open for a week and I’ll announce the winner on Twitter, as well as contacting the lucky person by email.

Following my blog and Twitter page are mandatory and I shall of course be checking! It would be great if you could also show Tower Health some love by liking their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. There are some bonus entries that you can open up too for more chances to win.

Apologies as this giveaway is open to UK entrants only. However I do plan to run an international one soon!

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Good luck everyone!

Do you have any skin saviours? Do you think about anti ageing care or does it all seem too far in the future to worry about?

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