The Happy List | April 15

I haven’t done a happy list in a while and yet there is so much for me to be thankful for! Here are a few of the random things keeping me smiling recently…
1. Spring sunshine and fresh herbs

sun came out last week  – about time! I love how it brightens up the
rooms in our house and bathes everything in it’s warm glow. 

brought home fresh roses last weekend which looked bright and beautiful
on our kitchen table in the sunshine. Our fresh herbs on the windowsill
have been drinking up the sunlight too and I’ve been making full use of
them in my cooking (which makes me feel like a proper grown up!).

The Happy List | April 15
2. Baking experiments

love making lemon drizzle cake. It’s so quick and easy but one of my favourite flavours. I recently became obsessed with the idea of
doing a lemon and lime version but N thought this sounded awful. I
finally had a completely free Sunday the other weekend and used it to

Sorry to be smug N, but we both know it was delicious (my hips don’t lie!).

The Happy List | April 15
 3. Playing with the cats

cats are rather lazy. Most of the time they prefer to watch me run
about with their toys as opposed to actually making any effort
themselves. Mr Darcy is the worst for this, he will flop down on his
back and wait for the toy to hover directly above him before making a
lazy attempt to swat it. 
N brought home a new feathery toy last week. The cats turned into
kittens, racing up and down the stairs as we played their favourite game
of ‘swat the toy through the rungs in the banister’. 

Those little furballs are guaranteed to cheer me up on the gloomiest of days.

The Happy List | April 15
4. Kitchen Gadgets


I love gadgets, especially anything kitchen related. At The Ideal Home Show I bought a ‘vacuum food storage system’ from Seal Fresh.
You get special food bags and a battery powered pump, which vacuums out
the air to keep food fresher for longer. Now everything in our kitchen
that can be vacuum sealed has been vacuum sealed! It seems to be
working well, although I tested the suction of the vacuum pump on the
palm of my hand and it left a big red welt which took an hour to fade.
Not sure I should have done that!
The Happy List | April 15

 5. TLC

I was chopping onions and the knife slipped and sliced into my thumb.
Why is this on my happy list I hear you say!
the cutting my finger part isn’t, but N got me the biggest plaster he
could find, made sure I didn’t faint (I have this silly phobia of
blood!) and did all the washing up that night so I didn’t have to get
the plaster wet. I felt well and truly looked after. And I repeat, he
did all the washing up.

6. Mixin My Toasties
My mum is retired now. She rang me the other week to tell me she’d made me some covers for my food mixer and toaster. 
okaaaaay” I said, thinking to myself why the heck would I need a toaster cover?
Then I saw what she’d made and had to smile. Mother knows best, I love
The Happy List | April 15
7. Finger Food


To go with
the change in weather we’ve been eating a bit more healthily as the
carby stodge is replaced with salads. I made some Tandoori style pitta
bread pockets and had fun getting into a mess as I tried to stuff in far
too much filling.


The Happy List | April 15
8. My 999th Twitter follower is Taye Diggs.
Now I’m not having delusions of grandeur here, Taye follows (at the time of writing) circa 340k people on Twitter. Still though, no one famous has ever followed me before so it made me smile for the complete randomness of it all! Plus he was number 999, which is one of those nice neat numbers that you want to take a photo of when you see it on your counters (okay maybe that’s just me!).
What’s been making you smile recently?

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