My Little Dream Box | April 2015 Edition

My Little Dreams Box | April 2015 Edition

The April My Little Box arrived on the same day as my Baker Days cake (if you haven’t entered my giveaway yet, enter here!) so I had double presents to open. My rather stressful day was soon forgotten as I tore open the outer packaging and lifted the lid.

Read on to find out what’s inside…

I always avoid spoilers for the contents of the box as the surprise is half the fun of it for me. I hadn’t even seen the theme for this box which was revealed as ‘dreams’ from the whimsical illustration on the box.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll probably know that I get almost as excited at the packaging as I do for the items themselves. My Little Box seem to just get better and better at this and I think the packaging for this one is my favourite yet. Packets and prints are shaped like clouds and tied with pretty ribbon bows and trim and everything has a lovely sensory touch and feel. I love the interactive nature of it all as nothing is revealed straight away. The further you delve into the box there more you uncover!

I was cooing as I opened the April box. Cooing I tell you (N can testify to this!).

My Little Dreams Box | April 2015 Edition

The first item is a padded cloud shaped packet secured with string. Opening this reveals a charm necklace created by Delphine Pariente called “Bonne Etoile” (Lucky Star).  I wasn’t keen on the cord that it comes with, which I think cheapens it a bit (sorry Delphine!) but I do love the pendant, so my plan is to wear it with a dainty chain instead.

My Little Dreams Box | April 2015 Edition
Within the bag of beauty items is a Sabe Masson solid stick perfume which is alcohol and paraben free and according to the information I received, suitable for all skintypes. I like this as it’s a little bit different to the normal nail varnish / face cream offerings. I received the Copacabana scent which is really subtle and a little bit more spicy than what I’d choose myself as I prefer fruity floral bases. The more I’ve used it, however, the more it has grown on me.

There are two My Little Corner (own brand) products. The first is a moisturising tinted red lip balm called Loved By Lou Lesage (I’d never heard of her but she’s a french actress!). This is a sheer lip stain for the bee stung look. I’ve used it a couple of times and I like it for a quick way to get some colour on my lips. It’s quite a dark shade too but works as it’s so sheer.

The second item is a repairing hair mask for dry and damaged hair.

My Little Dreams Box | April 2015 Edition
Last month I was a bit underwhelmed at receiving hair conditioner from Kerastase, but having used it for a month I’ve become a big fan. It leaves my hair silky and smooth and smells authentically ‘expensive salon’. Lesson learned, I’m therefore going to keep an open mind about this hair mask and will be giving it a rigorous test before making a final judgement!

Nestling under the beauty bag was another package. 

My Little Dreams Box | April 2015 Edition

My Little Dreams Box | April 2015 Edition

This contains a very cute stamp and ink pad set with 12 different prints to select from. Last month I felt that the stickers that came with the box were a bit of a cheap throwaway, but this feels like a better quality piece and is something that I can see myself having a bit of fun with.

When I look back on this month’s box, none of the items are standouts for me; things I’d say that I ‘must have’. However, the beauty of this box is how it makes you feel when you open it: this month I felt like I was opening a beautiful present put together by a good friend. And that’s enough to keep me wanting more!

My Little Dreams Box | April 2015 Edition

My Little Box is a monthly subscription costing £14.95 per month including postage and packing. For more information go to

This is not a paid or sponsored review, I buy the box each month. All views expressed are my own and as always, if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t say so!

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