Caramel Mini Egg Sundae | A Simple Blender Recipe

Caramel Mini Egg Sundae | A Simple Blender Recipe
Easter Sunday means a day of relaxation in my household. All talk of healthy eating is off the table and polishing off a whole Easter Egg in one sitting is perfectly acceptable.
I had planned to spend the afternoon baking a lemon drizzle cake; unfortunately after getting out all of the ingredients I discovered that the battery on my digital weighing scales had run out. Disaster! For some reason the thought of eating a plain old chocolate egg would not do so I raided the freezer in search of something else to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings. I found a quarter of a tub of clotted cream ice cream leftover from last summer and decided to make an Easter inspired ice cream sundae.
Here’s what I came up with!

Caramel Mini Egg Sundae | A Simple Blender Recipe
Yes that’s right: Mini Eggs – the ultimate Easter cliche, but when they taste that good why not??!!
I’d say that this is closest to a McDonald’s McFlurry in terms of textures and flavours. Although it looks like a milkshake in the pictures due to the frothy bubbles that my Vitamix creates, this is more of a ‘soft serve ice cream’ than a liquid drink.

Caramel Mini Egg Sundae | A Simple Blender Recipe
So far so good… but how about adding some hot caramel sauce to the mix?

Caramel Mini Egg Sundae | A Simple Blender Recipe
Now we’re talking!
This is a very sweet recipe, but holey moley it’s delicious! Every mouthful starts with vanilla, followed by a hint of chocolate and
finally the sweet crunch from the mini egg shells. If, like me, you
choose to blend for the shortest possible time, then you’ll also
discover larger chunks of chocolate every so often – each spoonful is a
lucky dip.

Caramel Mini Egg Sundae | A Simple Blender Recipe
Caramel Mini Egg Sundae | A Simple Blender Recipe

Quite a lot of ice cream is needed to make a small portion, but although it doesn’t seem to be a large yield once you’ve blended it, N and I shared one serving and it was just right for the two of us.

Caramel Mini Egg Sundae | A Simple Blender Recipe
Ingredients (for one to two portions)
2 cups / about a quarter tub of vanilla/clotted cream ice cream.
A dash of milk, just enough to fill the very bottom of your blender. You can add more milk if you want a milkshake instead.
1/3 packet mini eggs (plus a few more for sprinkles)
Blend the ice cream and milk just long enough for the two to combine. (Don’t blend for too long or the ice cream will melt).
Then add the mini eggs and pulse/blend until your desired consistency is reached.
I made mine just thick enough to need a spoon, but if you prefer you
can add a bit more milk and blend everything together for longer in order to make a milkshake.
To Serve
Wrap up a few mini eggs in a piece of clingfilm, then bash them with a rolling pin.
Use your fingers to crumble the bashed up mini eggs over the top of your sundae/milkshake.
Drizzle a little Hot Caramel Sauce (see below) over the top, then grab a spoon and tuck in!
Hot Caramel Sauce
To make a caramel sauce, you need to melt equal weights of butter and sugar together before adding full fat milk or cream, which you stir in until the mixture thickens and browns off a little. As I couldn’t weigh mine today I made it by sight, adding more sugar and milk to the mixture gradually until it was exactly as I wanted it.
For those of you who’d like specific weights and measures, follow this recipe. (Note that this yields quite a lot of caramel sauce but all you really want is a little bit to drizzle over your ice cream. I recommend halving the recipe so as not to waste too much.)

Caramel Mini Egg Sundae | A Simple Blender Recipe
I hope you’re all having a Happy Easter / Happy Passover / Happy Chocolate Fueled Four Day Weekend!
Do you have any favourite treats for this holiday? How are you celebrating?

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