MooGoo Skincare Review

MooGoo Skin Care Review

At the end of January I was gifted a selection of sample MooGoo skincare products at the blogger meet I attended (more on this here). I was also lucky enough to meet and chat to Linda and Beth from the brand on the day and they kindly sent me a full sized bottle of Full Cream Moisturiser to add to my collection.

So let me introduce you to MooGoo. The company hails from Australia and
was founded when they recognised that the moisturising udder cream
(yes – I said udder cream!) used on cows in Australian dairy farms also
had a wondrous skin soothing effect on the humans applying it. A non
greasy version for humans was developed and MooGoo was

They have since expanded the range and now specialise in providing solutions for a variety of skincare
problems using all natural
ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis… they’ve got
something to help. With my sensitive skin, I felt that this made them a good match for me and couldn’t wait to give it all a try.

Here’s what I thought:

Cold Pressed Tamanu Oil

This is a topical nut oil for regeneration and repair – it’s recommended for acne scarred skin but also has anti ageing properties. I have mixed feelings about this one. The oil is a dark yellowy green colour and the smell is rather off putting – I can’t describe it. However, this is offset by the fact that after applying each evening, I have awoken to smooth skin and less pronounced lines on my forehead. This is something of a wonder to me, as I’ve tried several creams recently that promised to do this and none have had the same effect. Alas, I’m still not sure that I can get past that smell in the long term…

Milk Wash (cleansing lotion)

I don’t wear foundation during the week and so due to my sensitive skin, I have always just stuck to water for my nightly cleansing routine. The Milk Wash was a genuine surprise to me – straight after applying I found myself touching my face repeatedly because it felt so soft! I am going to try my best to keep up the routine because it does feel like my skin is benefiting from it.

Full Cream Moisturiser

This is my favourite! For a start it smells like the milk bottle sweeties that I used to eat as a child – delicious! I find that it doesn’t all rub in at once, I have little white marks where I’ve applied it (as in the pictures below). 
MooGoo Skin Care Review
After a minute this absorbs and disappears from sight, leaving my skin feeling wonderfully soft and lightly scented. Whilst it doesn’t say that it has any anti ageing properties, it does seem to be helping with the fine lines on my forehead.

It wouldn’t be a review from me if I didn’t mention the packaging too! Keeping with the dairy theme, the Full Cream Moisturiser comes in a cardboard milk style carton which is just the kind of novelty fun aspect that I really like!

MooGoo Skin Care Review
MooGoo Skin Care Review
The DustyGirls mineral makeup range from the same company has just launched… more on that in a future post!

You can find all of the MooGoo products that I have mentioned and more about the range on their website and DustyGirls makeup range at

Thanks go to MooGoo for the generous gift, but please note that all views expressed are my own.
p.s. Mr Darcy was impressed with the packaging too! 


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