Treats, Tweets and Eats / The Weekly Roundup

It has been such a busy week this week, that I thought I’d do a little roundup in pictures – I’m calling this my Insta-cram!

Treats, Tweets and Eats / The Weekly Roundup

Valentine’s Day marked our 6th wedding anniversary.
6 years! It certainly doesn’t feel that long. 

As per tradition we had both hidden our cards under our side of the bed, so that we could exchange them when we woke up. N* produced a
box of chocolates and a bunch of roses from their hiding place in the
wardrobe (supposedly our little chewer Sookie had tried to eat the flowers when she found them under the bed, so they were swifly moved!). Then he surprised me again with a little box containing a gorgeous necklace. I wasn’t expecting any of this as we don’t normally exchange gifts. He assured me that the fact that I’d been plying him with Valentine’s inspired drinks and food all week was enough of a gift for him.

Read on for Tweets and Eats!

After a lazy morning on the sofa N made a gorgeous paella for our late lunch, then we got dressed up and headed out to Stamford for a casino night. We’d put on casino tables at our wedding for the guests so we thought it would be a nice way to remember our big day again.

Treats, Tweets and Eats / The Weekly Roundup
The event was really quiet. I know that Valentine’s is supposed to be all romance and candlelight, but we prefer somewhere with a bit of buzz where you have to shout to be heard, so we were thinking of ducking out early. However when we were given ‘fun money’ to exchange for chips we decided to try our hand at the tables.

N soon showed that he is a dab hand at Blackjack and I turned out to be a master Roulette strategist, so between us we ended up with more chips than we’d started with and ended up having a great time. Probably because of the lack of people, the ‘champagne on arrival’
turned into a top up every time my glass was half empty, which was not
at all unwelcome!

By the end of the night I was babbling away happily and encouraging N to join me in copious amounts of Zoolander ‘Blue Steel’ selfies (which of course I then plastered over Twitter during the car ride home, exclaiming: “Ooh I didn’t know Twitter did filters!”).

The hangover in the morning was sent packing with a couple of Ibropufen.


This week my Twitter feed has been full of excitement as a group of us are invading Centerparcs for a bloggers holiday in June. I can’t wait, but am a little bit terrified too! You see last time I went to Centerparcs, I ended up swapping the ‘small’ ladies bike for a kid’s BMX (regular readers will know I’m a shortie). I got just a little bit too adventurous on a steep slope and soared headfirst over the handlebars, landing on my face. If you’ve never been winded, I do not recommend it. I had to walk back to the villa with a split lip, half of Elveden Forest stuck to my face and knees, and a stonking black eye. Still, after a hot bath everything seemed better and we still managed to go to the squash session that we’d booked for that afternoon… even though I would occasionally duck and yell ‘NOT MY EYE’ if the ball rebounded too hard in my direction.

I finally got round to filling in a passport application renewal this week too. My last holiday abroad was in fact my honeymoon, 6 years ago, so it’s about time. Did you know that passport photo booths don’t use a flash anymore? They just have this odd highly unflattering downlighter. Therefore despite careful makeup application, the photo that will now see me through the next 10 years of travel resembles a celebrity DUI mugshot and not a good one either. *Sigh*. There may be a little excursion to Paris happening later this year as a result of another Twitter conversation though – fingers crossed!


This week we’ve been cooking up a storm in the kitchen:

  • Grilled sumac halloumi with quinoa
  • Homemade sweet and sour pork* with bulgar wheat (recipe for this here!)
  • Pork chops and mash in a creamy rosemary sauce (treat dish)
  • Homemade fish, chips and mushy peas.

Food heaven!

Tesco kindly sent me a £10 voucher to spend in their meat section through their Orchard programme which I’m now a member of. We chose to buy pork from their Finest range to cook up a delicious sweet and sour dish, as well as our staple healthy chicken dishes later in the week. I have shied away from buying meat from the supermarket in recent years, but I have to say the Finest range has tempted me back!

The other meals are courtesy of our subscription to Hello Fresh.

Treats, Tweets and Eats / The Weekly Roundup

I hope you’ve all had a great week too!

* In case you are wondering who the heck N is, let me explain! I called my other half ‘Mr F’ when I started this blog, the ‘F’ standing for FitFoodFun, my blog’s original name. Since this name is long gone, I decided I’m just going to use hubby’s initial instead from now on – I have not suddenly traded Mr F for someone new!!!

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