My Little Box January Edition / The Energy Box Review

**Warning – this post contains spoilers to box contents!**

How is it already the 19th January? This month is flying past! So fast in fact that when the postman arrived with the January ’15 My Little Box, I was taken by surprise.

The beauty bag contains 3 products.
My Little Box January Edition / The Energy Box Review

My Little Box January Edition / The Energy Box Review

Talika’s Photo-Hydra Day Cream, £43.50 for 50ml
According to the blurb sent with it, the technology used ‘gathers the sun’s energy and turns it into intercellular hydrating energy’ to hydrate your skin ‘non-stop all day, everyday’. That may explain the price of it! At first I was a bit annoyed that for the second month running I’d been sent a face cream (I can only wear one at a time after all!) but after reading up on it, I’m happy to give it a try. I’ll report back in a few months as to whether I feel it’s worth the investment.

My Little Beauty’s Energising Mist (£7.50)
This contains antioxidants, vitamin C and green tea, the latter of which I could definitely smell when I sprayed it! I tested it on the hubby. I said: “Close your eyes for a minute!”. He dutifully did this and then just as I was pressing the spray button, he opened them again to see what I was up to. I’m pleased to report that there was no Byker Grove PJ and Duncan blinding incident and I spritzed some on my face too. It was indeed refreshing, but I shall be saving the rest for summer when I think I’ll appreciate it much more.

Nails Inc varnish in Tate Red, £11
I like the colour, but I’m not a huge fan of Nails Inc as I have found in the past that they chip very easily. I will probably use this to paint my toe nails so as not to waste it!

This month the theme is ‘Energy’ which seems a good fit for January, the month of resolutions and the picture on the box gives a big clue to one of the lifestyle items inside: a sports bag. 


My Little Box January Edition / The Energy Box Review

My Little Box January Edition / The Energy Box Review


Whilst I like the quote on the side of the bag and the design is very cute, I can’t quite decide whether I’m pleased with it or not. The material is plasticky which means that it will be great for carrying wet towels and the like if you shower at the gym, but at the same time it’s very creased from being folded up in the box and feels a bit, dare I say it, ‘cheap’? Maybe I’m just a bag snob, but I’m just not sure that I will use it.

What I do really like about My Little Box, however, are the little details which make opening each item all the more enjoyable. The sports bag was wrapped up with this for a little extra motivation:


My Little Box January Edition / The Energy Box Review

The other lifestyle item this month is a calendar which contains inspirational quotes and cute illustrations. This item gets a hearty thumbs up!

My Little Box January Edition / The Energy Box Review

So.. a bit of a mixed bag this month (no pun intended!).

I still think that for under £15 I got my moneys worth, I just wasn’t quite as excited by everything in it this time, probably because I’m happiest when I get to try a new bit of makeup… and nail polish doesn’t count!

A look back at the previous boxes

I’ve been receiving the boxes for 4 months now so I thought I’d update on some of the items I received now that I’ve had a proper chance to use them:

L’Occitane Shea Vanilla Bouquet Hand Cream, £8, October ’14 DvF Box.
This is a good hand cream but it’s very rich and leaves a residue on your hands. I tend to put hand cream on as soon as I get to the office and I use a touch screen tablet and phone, so this leaves smudges on the screen. Having tried both recently, I prefer Clinique’s Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream which I reviewed here as it does a similar job but sinks in far better.
Yves Rocher Intense Colour Single Eyeshadow, (was £13.20, at time of writing on sale at £5.90), November ’14 Cosy box.
This is highly pigmented and the colour I received (Brun Cafe Mat) is perfect for creating a smokey eye look. I wear it most days now, applying with a lighter touch during the day and kicking it up a notch for a night out.
Rouge A Levres Red Lipstick, December ’14 Fleur de Force box.
This is now my go to lipstick for everyday wear. It’s sheer enough for daytime, but with enough colour to ‘pop’. I’m only upset that I won’t be able to replace it as the beauty range is not yet available in the UK. I hope that My Little Box are working on this as it seems like a big gap in their concept right now. If I try a product and love it, then of course I’m going to want to repurchase it!

…and a potential sneak peek to next months theme?

I’m very excited to see what the February box brings, as a bit of sleuthing leads me to believe that it’s a collaboration with Karl Lagerfield!
Update: Okay so my initial French was way off! I now believe that the French will be enjoying a box in collaboration with Ines de la Fressange who was a muse of Karl Lagerfields… not sure whether we’ll get the same or whether the box will be repackaged for the UK market since I’d hazard a guess that most of us won’t have heard of her… excitement over!! 😉

Realistically I know that for less than £15 I won’t be getting a designer quality handbag, but I’m still looking forward to a visit from the postman!

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