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My husband brought these home at the weekend. It’s not a romantic thing, he does the weekly shop and always picks up a fresh bunch. Well maybe a little bit romantic, he said he picked them because he knows they’re my favourite. Aww.
Happiness is... tulips www.lovedbylaura.com

…finding forgotten treasure. 

These headphones were a freebie. A few years ago I went to the Britain and Irelands Next Top Model Live show in London. Nine West had a stand there and were running a promotion, you had to be one of the first 100 to their stand to win a gift. When I got home I tidied them away in a drawer and promptly forgot I owned them until I found them during my new year spring clean. I can’t believe I’ve been wearing boring white ones all this time!
Happiness is... finding forgotten treasures www.lovedbylaura.com

…pamper time.

Getting a fresh manicure always feels so good. I use Gelish now as my ability to chip and break my nails has to be seen to be believed. I actually manage to chip Gelish nails too, but they do hold up a lot better than most!
I asked Mr F what colour to have done as I wanted a change from my normal deep berry.
“I don’t know, pink?” he said.
“Yeah but what kind of pink? Fuscia? Rose? What?”
“Erm…. baby pink?”
*panicked look* “Errrr…..!”
I’m not sure why I ask, as I always go out and get something completely different! Bless him for trying though.

Happiness is... new nail varnish www.lovedbylaura.com

…box set indulgence.

As January is a ‘save not splurge’ month Mr F and I have been enjoying cosy nights at home with the cats. We just blitzed through all of Gotham which I loved, I cannot wait for the second half of the season. Then in 3 nights straight we watched the last ever series of The Newsroom. I’ve become so used to being disappointed with show finales (Chuck, Lost, How I Met Your Mother – I’m talking about you!!) but this one was a little bit perfect. It left me smiling and a smidgen emotional (that means I cried!).

…late Christmas surprises.

My sister forgot to bring our presents down at Christmas so she posted them to us. I was over the moon to unwrap mine this weekend and find the Deep Sleep Candle from This Works that I had been lusting after (in this blog post). I sniffed it and yawned – scientific proof that it works – right???!!!

…watching silly cat videos on a Sunday lie in.

I have no regrets! Here’s a couple for your viewing pleasure!

Hope you are all having a great week and finding plenty of things to make you happy!

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