Caturday Edition 1 / Introductions

This is Mr Darcy (aka Maccy D, D Unit, Denzel Kittington)

  • A HUGE ball of fluff and a complete goof.
  • Has to be in the bathroom with you at all times, finds closed doors unacceptable.
  • Can hear a food bowl clink from the opposite end of the house.
  • Will stick his face in your ice cream when your guard is down.
  • Biggest cuddle monster ever!!
This is Sookie (aka Uni, Tinie Tempah, The Wookie Monster)

  • Tiny compared to Mr D but still the instigator of most fights.
  • Loves to chew plastic, ribbon and toes.
  • Believes everyone should be awake and out of bed by 6am – is very persistent.
  • Greets us at the front door to welcome us home.
  • Has a way of gazing at me so adoringly that I immediately forget whatever naughty thing she just did.

When I take makeup photos for my blog, I’ll lay out some cardboard or a material backdrop, carefully arrange the items until everything is just so, then turn around to grab my camera. 90% of the time this is what happens:

Lessons learned this week:
1. Mascara brush + cats = hairy unusable mascara brush. With chew marks.
2. Sometimes it’s best just to give in and take (usually blurred) pictures of my cats instead!

…I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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