Sweet Treats – Lemon Meringue Roulade

Sometimes despite my best efforts, my sweet tooth cannot be ignored.

Whilst flicking through one of my baking books looking for a scone recipe, a picture of a lemon meringue roulade caught my eye. After that I couldn’t stop thinking about the combination of soft, crumbly meringue and oozy gooey lemon curd filling.

Can you guess what I ended up making? Here’s a clue:

Any excuse to use my KMix, which sits looking pretty on my kitchen counter but doesn’t always get the attention it deserves!

The recipe was nice and easy – I whisked caster sugar until stiff peaks formed and then gradually added in caster sugar, before folding in vinegar, cornflour and vanilla extract. Then using a spatula I spread the mixture into a lined baking tin and baked it for 15 minutes. This leaves the top all lovely and crumbly, but underneath the roulade is soft enough to roll.

Having not made one of these before, the scariest part was turning it out of the tray – I was convinced that it would disintegrate into a million pieces, but it popped out in one piece without much effort.

Whilst the meringue cooled down, I whisked some cream and then folded in a generous amount of lemon curd. I resisted the temptation to lick the spoon. Just.

Finally I scored a line widthways an inch from the end of the meringue (thanks for the tip Mary Berry!) folded this over and then gently rolled the remainder of the roulade up into the standard shape.

Then all that was left was to very gently transfer it to a serving dish and decorate it with some sifted icing sugar.

I had visions of disaster when I started this recipe, but it looks quite good if I do say so myself!

Just look at that filling – perfect for when only the sweetest treat will do!

Confession time – after taking care to photograph the individual stages of the bake, I completely forgot to take a picture after slicing it. You can blame that on my monstrous sugar craving that evening! It was only a few days later as I sat down to eat the last slice that I realised my error. As such here is a very hasty shot taken from my phone, seconds before it was devoured. I know it’s not the best quality but you get the idea!

This dessert was delicious – creamy, lemony and devilishly sweet. However I think the recipe would benefit from an extra element of crunch to balance it out.

If you have any suggestions on ways to give this a crunchy edge please let me know in the comments!

This roulade is based upon a recipe from the book ‘everyday easy Cakes & cupcakes’.

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