Hi, I’m Laura, welcome to my blog! I’m a 30 something living in the East of England with my husband and 2 cats.

Two years ago I was in a job I’d grown to hate. It paid well, but I was always too exhausted or preoccupied to enjoy the fruits of my labour. In short, I was miserable and things had to change. I took a risk (and a bit of a paycut!) to change jobs and with that regained my evenings and weekends. Married life mealtimes had previously consisted of frozen dinners or, at least twice a week, beans on toast; I also had a reputation for being ‘rubbish at cooking’. So in my spare time I got back in the kitchen and started experimenting with different recipes and found that I was actually enjoying myself.

We were eating better, but as a consequence my waistline started to suffer. I realised that I needed to find a balance and also get off the sofa a bit more. My new workmates were a mainly healthy and active bunch and their enthusiasm encouraged me to get more active.

I’ve never seen myself as the sporty type and was usually the last one picked in P.E. Such lessons were usually something to be endured rather than enjoyed. In fact two standout memories from my school days involve injuring others. Once I surprised myself by actually managing to return a volleyball back over the net, only for it to hit someone squarely in the face. Another time I almost knocked out our hockey teacher, who admittedly was stupid enough to stand behind me and yell ‘now swing the stick back and HIT IT AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!” I swung the hockey stick back alright, unfortunately straight into her jaw, in one of those embarrassing incidents where you can’t help bursting into fits of horrified laughter even though you know it’s not appropriate (or maybe that’s just me?) 

The beauty of growing up and gaining your independence, however, is that you can do things on your terms, without worrying about being graded on your efforts or compared to your peers. Also if you try something and don’t like it, you can just move on and try something else!  With that in mind, I’ve recently experimented with some different forms of excercise and discovered that I actually like to run… I’m even getting quite good at it! It’s a learning curve though, something that I will document from time to time here. I’ve also started to try other forms of exercise… with mixed results! Again I’ll share my experiences here – good or bad.

I have recently discovered that I enjoy styling and taking photos of food too! I don’t profess to being very good but I’m experimenting all the time and hopefully improving as I go along.

So there will be no mention of diets here, my philosophy is to enjoy food and experiment without feeling guilty, whilst learning how to treat my body better.

Things I love and am probably going to blog about:

  • Cooking
  • HelloFresh (as a disclaimer, I don’t work for HelloFresh and receive no payment for any such posts, but I am a regular paying customer of theirs, so many of the recipes that I document here will be courtesy of Patrick Drake and HelloFresh).
  • Baking
  • Running
  • Fitness and Excercise
  • Films and TV
  • Books

I also mentioned above that I have two cats, and they are likely to show their faces on here from time to time too!
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